Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes. We. Can.

^^^ the text I got from Jespy right after she saw the results show last night.


I don't even really know what to say.... this is all so overwhelming.

I guess I just want to thank my producers, my agent, my editor (yeah you Julie!!), all of those family & friends who have supported me through an entire season of blogging about American Idol, my sound people at iLandee, and my Laurels. It has been quite the roller coaster ride but we did it.

We did this....

I do love Adam & his quirkiness but the bird cage shoulder pads may have put me over the edge last night. Now that the votes are in, he is letting loose.... and that is what we are gonna get from here on out. Birdcage shoulder pads and bedazzled guyliner. I would love for him to be the new lead singer of Queen though. Perfection.

As for my second favorite moment of the night? Kara out singing & out bod-ing Bikini Girl. Cuz if there is one person I hate more than Kara, it's Bikini Girl. I loved that whole thing. All of it. Every last second of it. Bikini Girl was so awkward and taken off guard and sucking. I can't ever truly hate Kara now. And was it just me or were you suddenly kind of liking her song Kris sang last night? It may have just been that I was caught up in the moment or something..... ::ahem::

Third favorite moment.... Kris hugging his yellow clad wife during the last 10 seconds of the show. He hadn't shed a tear until he had her in his well-defined arms.... then he let it all out & cried like a baby. And then I cried like a baby. We were all in our happy places. Then he regriped/tightened his arms around her .....aaaaaaaand..... scene.

Loved it.

Until next year, my sweets. AI Season 9.


Jenny ESP said...

I can't believe it's over!!! But we did it. Ms. DioGuardi turned out to to be pretty cool, eh? Nice abs. They remind me of my own. Stay super sweet and have a kick-A summer. --Jespy Espy 09 KIT

TimW8 said...

Thanks for a great season. I loved coming to work on wednesdays and thursdays so I could read your blog. You're fab. Enjoy your break from Idol or...pick up on SYTYCD. I would read your reviews of that!

Markie23 said...

I LOVED the the bikini girl bit... of course... ::ahem::.
I also loved the Norman Gentle, and Tatiana appearances. I thought AI put on one heck of a show, with lots of fun, humor, and talent. Good Job AI. Thank you.
And thank you Landee for your spot-on reviews and commentaries throughout the season. Good Job Landee!
And thank you Fox for not wasting a single day between AI and SYTYCD. Two hour premier tonight baby!! Good job Fox.
I also want to thank all those who voted for Kris. Good job voters!
Let's see... I also want to thank my parents, my driver's ed teacher, Biggest Loser, and Fiber-One. I'm sorry if I left anyone out. Good job everybody!

Memzy said...

I'm hoarse today. All the screaming. And my eyes are puffy and dark from all the wife-hug-bawling. ::sigh::

Hopefully it will come back around tonight cuz I need some action on SYTYCD. Those first rounds are the best.

Memzy said...

Clicking the email follow up.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Ahh, your favorite moments were some of mine as well. And I've been singing No Boundaries (with my own fun lyrics added) around my house all day. It's grows on you and is catchy I tell ya. Why were we not watching this together? Here's a few highlights o'mine:

*Kris (after winning) saying "he deserves this". However I was scared out of my wits he was going to turn and give up his crown to Adam for a quick sec.

*Kris and Keith Urban. Together. Singing about kissing girls. Holy Hotsville.

*Hearing Allison sing again. I don't know if you've heard this phrase before but she can sing the phone book dog. Cyndi Lauper looked like she could easily pass as a witch tho. I can totally see her sharing an eyeball with a couple of other witches.

And Markie23, thanks so much for the reminder on sytycd tonight. I almost missed that! This will help my AI postpartum feelings.

Katie said...

I. Missed. The wife hug/crying fest.

I lovered jenny's comment. Lollerzed my butt off!

Carol said...

What a great season made better with Landee's comments. The ending was super good. Kris hugging/crying with his wife so genuine and awesome. I saw them comment today that they want some time to "just be married". Aaaahhh..

Tiffers, please, please, please do the same stuff with SYTYCD.
Love you

Hot Pants said...

I almost cried when they announced the winner. I also almost got out of my recliner to jump up and down. Kara is my new favorite, and I will only watch next season if she's on it....or probably even if she isn't. Poor bikini girl looked like a total loser. I hear she's super sweet though. That's what they're saying on MySpace anyway.

Flem said...

Kara really did pull it off (literally) and due muchly to her humility and trying to hide her well-bikinid bod. I was impressed as much with that as with anything else.

The song sounded WAY better but I still won't buy it.

It was a great show, one of the best I have ever watched. Good stuff.

Jespy when are you going to strip down and show off those abs?

ManicMandee said...

It was such a great finale!!!!! Kara actually seemed a little shy about showing off her bod. I didn't know she had any humility in her. It suits her.

Katie said...

I know you are just dying to know my reaction to the winner. I won't give it to you because I try to remain fresh.