Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Inspiring Before & Afters

You may have seen an earlier post of my cute Dad installing a garage door opener in our 3rd bay garage. My unabashed abuse of my poor Dad did not stop there. Oh no, no, no. Not by a long shot. It was a slippery slope which I enjoyed thoroughly. I now go in my garage, shed a tear and leave... hourly.


Cuz this is what it used to be:

A disgrace to garages everywhere.

Wasted space. Junk all over the floor.

Stuff thrown haphazardly hither and thither.

I would run out, grab a diet beverage from the fridge and run back in as soon as possible. Those days are over.....

Ladies & gentleman (that's you Markie!)... I now present The Landerson Garage 2009.

Room to run free and in VonTrapp type circles!

The walls being put to use just as they were intended! My dad didn't do ANYTHING if it wasn't attached to a stud. My favorite thing was every time he solidified a shelf or hook or whatever he'd wiggle it a little and say "That isn't going anywhere" all excited like. Hilarious.

My dad came up with some ingenious things such as how he hung this super annoying gigantic ladder we bought for unknown reasons long ago. It's not going anywhere, btw.

The best part....::cue angelic heavenly music::




I know you wanted to see every angle. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your entire life? Did you see the LABELS? The labels!!! The ones that don't have labels are empty. Sheer joy, I'm telling ya.

Other "little projects" my dad has worked on:

Painted and hung a door on the boys' room (it didn't have one when we moved in)

Cleaned out our gas fireplace (I was unaware the glass part could come off and it was getting nasty in there... I was just planning on living with it... srsly)

Fixed a kitchen chair

Fixed some lighting issues in the basement

Taught me all about the nuances of Harbor Freight Tools

I think I need him to come by at least twice a month to fine tune the house. Gty & I are hopeless homeowners.

Thanks Dad for all your hard work! Now the family reunion starts tomorrow and you'll just be on cooking duty. Easy.


Memzy said...

So did your dad do the labels even? I love how you alternated the bin colors. That's very Landee of you. Lurve it!

danandcami said...

Doesn't get much better when Father and Daughter are happy!! Maybe I should have a family reunion at my house if thats what will happen!! Hope you have a great time and I love your beautiful green and blue bins. I bet there are some very happy Bin businesses that love your name!!!

Jenny ESP said...

I love your dad already, and he hasn't even started cooking. He reminds me of Gus (my dad), who insists on cleaning out my garage and detailing my cars every time he visits. It freaks me out because he's elderly and looks like he might have a heart attack, poor guy. He's a busy, busy bee!

Love the alternating colors on your bin wall. Your bins are rather self-righteous with their heavenly music, tho. Do I see a bin marked "halos?"

Kelli said...

Ohhh...Ahhh...so pretty! It almost motivates me to do mine.

Looks great! I'm wondering how I motivate my dad to do a project like that...

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Between your amazingly helpful Dad and fun cousins and cool Aunt, I'm feeling jipped in the family department.
But then again, they are all a part of the Fowler Family reunion, so I feel much better now.

ManicMandee said...

I've actually been thinking about doing a post about my horrible garage. My garage makes your before "disgraceful" garage look sparkling.
Does your dad do contract work? I seriously was searching the internet a little over a week ago typing this into my Google search bar "hire help to clean garage"...among other embarrassing lines of that sort.

Jenny said...

Beautiful! I love the bins and the shelves they're on. That's exactly what I want in my basement--then I don't have to move bins off of each other to get to the ones at the bottom.

Carol said...

My Dear Tiffers/Landelu Landerson: You DO know this makes your Dad happier than you--right? It's his happy place. You are one lucky girl to have such a super Dad. Please ask him when he can put us on his calendar for a visit. I'll get my list started.

I'm quite jealous right now--you with all your siblings and the reunion etc. Wish I could be there to watch it all. Give everyone a hug for me and UV. Oh. . .. and I need video's in addition to pictures when you do the reunion post. (Is your dad going to make finger steaks?) OOooooooooo!

BTW--we're having a great week ourselves with our kids and our big 40th shindig that Memzy's is hosting. Good posts a-comin'. Love you. AV

Flem said...

He had me at "Happy New Year" in a deadpan after forbidding us to go to the real party. Seriously, looking out for you has been his full-time job for SO long.

Now we just need a before and after of your face.

Kim said...

Okay I gotta know who thunk up the white shelves idea. No reason. But put a porfa on it.

Landee said...

Dad mentioned that you had put some up in your garage, Kim, if that's what you're asking. I think the actual quote was "If they can do it, any moron can" and boy, was he right.

Kelli, was it your dad that once hired someone to put a hook on the back of his bathroom door? Motivating him for a garage re-do might have some different challenges to it! :)

StandsMom said...

Once again, you leave me inspired and impressed. Dang! Thems bins are lookin' awesome! I have 15 upstairs that I hope to fill today. I want at least 30 more.

marcikay said...

I am jealous, because my once, usable garage is only partially so now (1 car, at least) my problem is I have ZERO desire to do anything about it.. Next spring??

(I am very curious about the bottom left box with the opposite colored lid though..)