Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes, that is Beebee's favorite word.


Can you believe such a sweet widdle face would say such an ugly word? I'm thinking my first mistake was making a big deal out of it when she said she hated someone (I don't even remember who she said it about...I may hate that person too for all I know). I think by making a stink about it, it drove her into a hate-loving frenzy.

The difference is, she's sneaky about it now so she avoids any scoldings previously incurred.

Examples of random stuff she'll say in order to wrap her tongue around that sweet word of hatred:

"Mom.... I don't hate you."

"I hate bad guys."

"I hate monsters."

"I don't hate nobody."

"Mom, I can't say hate."

"I don't hate my brothers."

"I don't hate this dinner."

And it goes on & on like this. Always followed by a little smile indicating she knows she's just gotten away with murder. I'm currently in the ignore phase. We'll see how that goes.

Now, for the yin to the above yang.

I recently synced my phone with my computer and, after doing so, noticed a new folder in my iTunes called "Voice Memos." I hadn't created this folder so I clicked on it and found about 50 voice memos uploaded from my phone....all of them (except one raunchy one from Gty I won't be sharing) were by Beebs. She apparently figured that app out PDQ. They are the cutest 20-50 second clips I've ever heard. She poured her heart out in these voice memos. She didn't hold back.

Take a listen.

As some background, Dotty is my little niece with whom she is obsessed. And apparently she eats sand.

Now imagine in your mind that teeny voice saying "hate." Yeah. It makes no sense.


Jenny ESP said...

No, I don't believe it. She's too frickin' precious. Are you sure you're not putting words in her mouth?

::badum dum::

Flem said...

She does have a yummy voice. So yummy that when I hit play, even though it is 10:35 at night, Steve walked into the other room and said "what is it sweetie?" thinking that it was Gillian.

Who, btw, has the sweetest little voz.

Landee said...

Uh, Flem, plzthanks tell me you did NOT just come over to MY house and suggest Gillian has a sweeter voice than Beebs. Are you kidding? Gillian's voice is like nails on a chalkboard compared to Beebee's. Gty agrees with me.

Don't you have a trip to go on or something?

And Jespy... again with the plagiarism.

Erin Beck said...

Her voice sounds remarkably close to mine, wow!

StandsMom said...

I wish you could have see the way Sassy's face lit up when she heard that little voice (SO CUTE!!!) coming out of my computer. Really esssited. Now she's begging me to listen to more. And, she wants to hear herself. "Mom, I want to here myself that talks. Can we do myself that talks?"

StandsMom said...

P.S. I want to hear more!

Memzy said...

More shocking than her cute voice is how much older she sounds since the last time I heard it. Yikers. No more baby or toddler or anything like that. Which leads me to this---when are you gonna have another one?

Sox said...

The real question is: How did she figure it out b4 u? It's like you didn't even know the app existed. That's the funny part to me.

eekareek said...

I don't hate your daughter! She is stinking cute.

Carol said...

Oooooooh the Beebs is priceless. Do you go in to her room at night and chew on her little cheeks? Remember these moments when she's 13 and rolling her eyes at you because you won't let her get a tat on her ankle.

Landee said...

"aand I loves'im."

^^my fave line.

I knew the app was there, Soxy, but I haven't really used it. I think her brothers showed her how to take full advantage of the voice memo function and I'm so glad they did. There are a couple of other ones where she's screaming at JBird cuz SHE'S the one singing not him!!!!!! I need to put those on here too so you can see where the "hate stuff" may come into play.

Say Anything said...

beebs - thanks for entertaining Kate for 30mins this morn. She is now obsesses with this amazing blog. what took her so long to catch on? :)

StandsMom said...

Sarah now believes that every picture she sees on a blog will be able to talk. I think she listened to Beebs 8 or 9 times in a row this morning.