Monday, September 14, 2009


Yes, Gty turns 38 today. Sorry ladies, he's taken.

{Can he really be two years away from 40? It boggles the mind.}

He's not gonna let a little thing like age keep him down though. He keeps current on all the latest TV shows.... like iCarly, for example.

He really needed to know where her parents were. And of course I knew the answer cuz I'm way younger than him and stuff.

And, even at the age of 38 he needs me desperately. Please note the time lapse between his text regarding the camera charger and when he gives me grief about not answering back... yes...19 minutes. I made him sweat it out for another 40 minutes before replying just to seem mysterious/desirable.

So happy birthday to my Honey. He's 38, practically retired, sexier and funnier than ever.

Life is good.


Memzy said...

Yreka can really do that to a person.

Happy birfdee to Gtywheatpenny!!!!! He's old.

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Gty!

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Gty completes you.

marcikay said...

Happy Birthday, to the guy who knows more sports stats than my own husband.. {that's scary..}

{anytime I think of Gty, I think of you, picturing his mind as a big file cabinet.. a very organized file cabinet.. with your "info" as the bottom drawer, probably in the back..}

ManicMandee said...

My husband is 38 too and that is crazy old! I must mention I just turned 31, so I can say that.
And can you please post where ICarly's parents are? I want to know too.

Happy bday Gty.

Hot Pants said...

President Palmer from 24? And the AllState commercials?
Happy Bday to Giggity!

BTW, new season of iCarly starts this weekend!!!!!

Jenny ESP said...

I think you made the right choice when you married Gty instead of Mac. Could you imagine the lame skinhead texts Mac would have sent you?

PS. Did you see the new iCarly episode on Saturday night, "iThink they kissed"? I loved the part when Sam whispered her secret to Carly when she was hyped up on laughing gas, and then whispered "don't tell Carly." right after. Classic Sam.

Landee said...

Yes Pres. Palmer from 24! Phil was giddy as a school girl.

And Jespy, the BEST part was when Sam said her secret was "I like fried chicken" cuz ha! Of course she likes fried chicken... it's SAM!!! Carly was uber jealous. I could see it.

StandsMom said...

I give myself full-on permission to feel special cuz I share the same birthday as G. But I have to admit I have no idea what that President whatever 24 stuff means. I watch iCarly and I've totally missed that somewhere. P.S. Who. Is. Mac? I personally love the liberal use of the term Hobo in iCarly. I love the word hobo.

eekareek said...


Memzy said...

If this is the Mac I think it is...I have GOT to hear how that conversation happened between you two.

Fly on the wall indeed.

Jenny ESP said...

I heard about Mac's tragic unrequited love for Landee from one of your BYUBFFs who I just discovered to be in my ward. Mac's roommate, Rob. Mac and Landee were this close to an eternal marriage when Landee spotted Gty across the Saturday Night dance floor. I think that's right.

Landee said...

I should also mention here that Gty has a favorite Jonas Brother too. Nick. Duh.

And iCarly's mom is dead (I think) and her dad is in the Navy. So she lives with her awesome, fun-loving brother who is a dead ringer for a young Eric McCormick.

Jespy, you nailed it. Nailed. It.