Friday, September 11, 2009

And the Home of the Brave!

Guess what? JBird got to sing the national anthem at a Rockies game on Wednesday night! I'm serious! Why would I lie about something like that? It is the only reason why he signed up for choir this year. Hey, whatever gets you there, I say. Apparently the rule was that you could quit choir at any point leading up to the Rockies game, but you can't quit anytime after the game. The choir teacher is very astute.

So we paid for our tickets through the school (a whole $2 off!) and headed to the game on Wednesday. We may have gotten Jbird there late and a guy had to come down and get him to take him to where the rest of the choir was but whatevs. We worked it out, yo.

Pay no attention to the men in kilts. That's not why we're here.... come the stars of the show! There's the JBird walking on the field like he belongs there.

They looked so little out there in short left field.

This is where being young (4th grade is the first year you can be in choir) and being short has finally paid off. JBird...front & center..... he apparently didn't know what to do with his arms. So he folded the reeeeeal tight like so they wouldn't flail around and cause a distraction.

Toward the end of the song he relaxed a little. Just a little tho.

Here's the other half of the choir... oh, and "choir dress" was "black bottoms, white top." I need to meet the mother who thought a strappy black polka-dotted dress fit that bill. She needs to be slapped.

JBird was featured prominently on the jumbotron. There was even one shot where it was just his face with a faint American flag waving in the background. I missed getting a pic of it, but you better believe people in the audience were moved to tears. It looks like a heat sensor the way my camera took a pic of it... but it was full color. Don't worry your pretty little head.

And afterward. Here is JBird with a couple of choir buddies. I have a sneaking suspicion they signed up for choir because of the Rockies thing too.

After gathering the kids at Gate E we all headed up to our seats.

Our view from behind home plate. Nosebleed seats but still, we could see everything.

As you can see, we are lucky we prepaid for our tickets. It was pretty much a sold out game. ::ahem::

Above are some friends who also had kids in the choir. SolidGold is up there posing for her daughter but unbeknownst to her, she was posing for me too. And below her there is the StandsFam beknownst to them, posing for Landee.

We ended up staying for about five innings. That was 4.5 more innings than Beebs wanted to stay.


Flem said...
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Flem said...

I meant to say that I really did think that it was a neat opportunity and it looks like it was super fun for your family.

I wasn't being sarcastic but it sounded like it since you know me so well.

Your chilluns are beautiful and seeing little humble J-bird on the grass must have moved the mommins to tears.

Memzy said...

I love how choir teachers get reeeeeeally into their conducting. It's like their whole body wants the kids to sing better. How did they sound btw?

That is sooper dee dooper cute. I heart Jbird.

Jenny ESP said...

Ah, I love this kind of stuff. School performances in special places... it's just so exciting. Doesn't even matter that I hadn't a clue what the Rockies were until I saw that baseball diamond.

Landee said...

Flem, why did you delete your original comment? I thought it fit in perfectly with your anti-white-flight reputation you work so hard to uphold.

Memz, I should upload the video...that choir teacher was ROCKIN the HOUSE. Very into it. Very much willing the kids to sing better... cuz, uh....they needed to.

Jespy, if I didn't live here, I might not know who the Rockies are either. I probably would, but maybe not. I'm just excited you recognized a baseball diamond when you saw one.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Love how those pictures turned out (except for the one that I was unbeknownst to...ugh)! Even the giant screen ones looked cool. So JBird is in choir for the long haul, huh? You have NO idea what special, priceless performances you're in for....::smirking::

eekareek said...

OMG! He is famous!