Wednesday, September 30, 2009

J.Crew Doesn't Care About the Environment

Look at that receipt.

Look at it! Fourteen inches long.

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "Landee! What the heck did you buy down at the J.Crew? A HUNDRED things? Look how long that receipt is!"

Why no, my adorable and most likely favorite reader, I did not buy a hundred things. I didn't even buy FIFTY things. "Twenty-five?" you ask. No.

K, this is guessing game is getting old. The answer is ONE. I bought ONE thing. A scarf, if you really want to know. It is dang cute but this receipt is out of control.

At the top is the normal receipt-y stuff such as store name, date, what I purchased, subtotal, tax and total. Ok, that took up 5 inches, max. It then went on to give something called a "Sales Tax Analysis" in which it breaks down the tax rates for the town, state, county, city, district and something called "SPD." Totally needed info right there.

Then comes the prolific J.Crew return policy. A huge essay ending with their phone number, email address and website for "our full return policy." Cuz the 4 inches of 4 pt. font didn't do the trick apparently.

This is the kind of stuff that is filling up the landfills at an alarming rate--not all the soda cans I never recycle. Plus, I'm gonna have to fold this sucker, like, 5 times to get it to fit into the little "receipt keeping" spot I have in my wallet and my wallet is gonna be all bulgy now.

Thanks a lot, J.Crew. I thought you'd be more tree-huggy.

Signed, my wallet and Mother Earth


Flem said...

I really did laugh aloud when I saw this because I feel like a lot of stores are doing this lately. Unfortunately my only store choice is Kmart and they print up two receipts plus two huge useless coupons every time I go there. Home Depot does the same thing. I love that you actually took a picture with the pencil for scale btw.

Thanks for bringing this very important issue to the forefront.

Cristin said...

Wow!!! I can't believe Oregon hasn't had some kind of march or riot over the waste of paper. I should probably call the news crews...they would be all over this. Thanks for keeping us aware of these important issues.

StandsMom said...

Um, yeah. Don't like all that paper either. It's dumb.

Sadly, the only think I can think about is that I want to go shopping.

(p.s. this is not related to today, btw - the lack of shopping is more about $$$ than time...prob cause I have snooty hair and it's extraspensive)

Jenny ESP said...

Such precise placement of that perfectly sharpened Dixon Ticonderoga pencil... I can only assume it's a pencil-lovers shout-out. Hollah back.

I would liken your long receipt with useless info to a scarf. Yes, a small portion of the scarf will be wrapped around your neck, but then you have those two long parts that just hang down and do nothing. I think a turtleneck worn beneath a holiday embroidered sweatshirt would be much more environmentally friendly.

Landee said...

Flem, I HATE all the "coupons" printed out at the cash register. BUY 3 and get 5 cents off the 4th. Plus, environment.

Cristin, start a riot. I'll fly out for it. At the least maybe JCrew would give us a bunch of clothes to make our riot go away?

Stands, next Tuesday. It's all yours. Oh but wait, your hair took all your $$$.

Jespy, I disagree. The hangsydownsy parts of the scarf serve a huge purpose--covering up/distracting the eye from my muffin top.

Landee said...

Oh, and that was a ticonderoga-pencil-lover shout out. So glad you picked up on that. I knew you would.

Memzy said...

What tree-kickers!! I'll never shop there again. Oh wait. I've never shopped there before. And,....and....I never will.

Peeta said...

I heard J Crew donates $1 to hurricane Katrina victims for every inch of receipt they print out. You guys are all just a bunch of racists!

Katie said...

Wait wait wait. Did you spend 34 dollars on a scarf? I bet you already have a scarf too. You know there are people in really cold places like Idaho that are wearing the same coat for 10 years, and have no scarves. Sure they could borrow their kid's scarves, but the hangy down part wouldn't even come close to covering their muffin top.

Linkster said...

I wonder how many trees are cut each year to make pencils.