Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Mess With Texas

Srsly. Don't.

I got to thinking today that I hadn't posted about our trip to Texas over Labor Day weekend. And, as we all know, if I don't blog about it, it never happened.

The reason we went? For a fun family vaycay where the kids can check off another state.
The REAL reason we went? To go to the BYU v. OK football game being played in the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. We ended up selling my, TBone's and Beebee's tickets for a cool $1000 so you won't see any pics of that game here (mostly cuz I haven't uploaded them from JBird's camera yet).

We flew into Austin and immediately headed to the Alamo. There we learned some stuff and climbed in the trees.

We also melted. The heat was intolerable. She can't fake that face.

We then did "The Riverwalk" which is a little piece of cool(er) heaven in downtown San Antonio. Lots of fun little restaurants, shops and whatnot.

Oh, and this lady. Proof that people start looking like their pets after a while.

We then went back and stayed in New Braunfels, home of the Schlitterbaun. It's about 20 mins. from San Antonio but we have some good friends who live there. They were in our ward in Ohio and he worked with Gty. They fixed us a fabulous breakfast feast and we all got caught up on each other's lives. Good times.

We then hopped in the car and drove the 4 hours to Dallas. And, uh, we may have forgotten to put Beebee's carseat in. Don't judge.

We played in the hotel pool. And by "we" I mean Gty and kids while I sat in a chair and read my book.

Beebs had the opportunity to put what she'd been practicing in the bathtub into a real-life situation.

Then that night.....MEDIEVAL TIMES!!!!!!

This was the highlight of TBone's trip. He was screaming for our knight at the top of his lungs the entire time. Luckily this is encouraged. The show was fab & fun and our guy won.

Then the next morning, as I posted from my phone a while ago, we headed to the American Girl Doll store for our friend's birthday party. Beebs brought "Katie" specifically for this purpose. Look at the clip on chairs for the dollies! TDF.

I had to sneak a pic of this guy. His wife & daughter had obviously gotten up and gone to the bathroom or smoething and here he sat...alone...with a doll in her chair clamped onto the table. I lollerzed.

After this party Gty & Jbird headed to the game and Tbone, Beebs and I stayed at this mall for a while with our friends and then headed back to the hotel for some swimming and chillaxin.

The next day we were able to see our good friends from the BY. The wifey actually had a significant role in getting Gty and I together. I'd like to think we would have figured it out on our own, but we will never know cuz H-er stepped in and made sure of it. We ate some authentic TexMex & loved it. It's amazing seeing good friends from years and years ago...it's like no time has lapsed. We're back at BYU and hanging out...wait... what are all these kids doing here and why do they keep talking to us?

Our flight left the next day so we needed to drive back to Austin. We made a quick stop at the Grassy Knoll first for some American History lessons. This dude here had some fairly disturbing photos of JFK's assassination.

That "X" out there in the middle of the street is apparently exactly where it happened. And there we are in front of the Texas Book Repository (it's now called something else) where supposedly Lee Harvey Oswald shot from the 6th floor. I know this all seems morbid but it was quite interesting.

We then drove back to Austin and flew home. Our kids had such a great time and so did we. So fun to have a couple of sets of friends down there to visit as well.

It was freaking hot.


Glo said...

I love a blog about the family vacay! Thanks for finally blogging! also, beebs looks so sweaty!

Jenny said...

I'm jealous, I'm from Texas and I miss it! The River Walk and New Braunfels are two of my favorite places. The River Walk and the Alamo are both in San Antonio, though. :)

Memzy said...

Jespy would be proud of your history lesson section. I also feel like she and I should get some type of award for living in a place that hot on a regular basis.

Landee said...

Uh right Jenny...that is why it says San Antonio ...geesh! Just kidding, I went back & changed it. This is why one should blog the second they get home/not be an idiot.

And you get the award of Sufferage, Memz, but not Jespy. She likes it and mocks all things of comfort.

Jenny ESP said...

You gize are confusing me, bc I saw my name up there and thought I left a comment, but realized that I've never lived in Texas so it couldn't have been me, but then Memzy said "Jespy would be blah blah blah..." and I thought, "Wait, does she think that's my comment?" but then Landee didn't correct her, so I'm assuming she didn't. Anyways, confusing.

I do love these "family traveling to historic places" posts. I feel a mixture of jealousy and excitement. Makes my pulse race.

PS. We have zero humidity here in Vegas. I have no tolerance for the humid heat they have in Texas. I like a nice dry heat, that will wrap around me like a warm blanket or the holy ghost. But I understand that not everybody likes feeling The Great Comforter embrace them.

Carol said...

Loved the family pictures. Beebs--who is normally pasty white--looks like heat stroke is eminent. Poor baby. Not judging for the lack of car seat or the binky. Totally not judging. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

marcikay said...

k.. so I'm finally commenting (I'm sure you've been going crazy wondering where I've been)

So a couple things..

*I HATE humid heat.. It nearly kills me.. I would have enjoyed this trip x100 had the humidity not been present..

*I quite enjoyed the whole 6th Floor Museum also - it is a little morbid..

*apparently my sister's friend's husband served his mission with Gty? Kari/Carrie/something like this.. and maybe was in Texas at this same time? idk

*so sad WE didn't get together, but we were there a much shorter time than y'all.. luckily Vegas is only 2 weeks away..

*maybe I am done now