Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Good news (maybe):  My blogging is going to become more regular.  More frequent. You'll be learning lots about me (perhaps not the best news there).

Bad news: My blogging is going to be a bit stranger & more random.  My posts might not entail flourishing intros and summaries.  Sometimes my entries might be a paragraph long or go on forever.  I really can't say.  

"Why are you doing this to us?"  I can hear all four of you screaming as you pound your fists on your keyboards.

I'm working on a new project, that's why.  And you'll just have to come along for the ride (by law you have to, srsly).

I'm taking an online workshop by Cathy Zielske.  Back in the day, when I was big into scrapbooking and subscribed to all the magazines, Cathy was one of my all time favorite contributors.  Her style is clean with very few embellishments.  Most of her aesthetics come through how she type sets her words and which fonts she uses.  I loved it.  She's also quite funny, which is always a good thing.  Not cheesy.  And not LDS (I don't know why that makes me like her more, but it does...probably because then she's not cheesy as I mentioned before).  

Anyway, I stumbled upon a workshop she is starting next week called  

Me: The Abridged Version 

She based the workshop on a book called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Take a peek at it here and read Cathy's conception for the workshop here if you're interested.  I just started reading it and I find it hilarious and brilliant.  It's exactly my kind of writing.  She just gives her "take" on little things in her life in a fun & witty way.  And she went ahead and alphabetized them creating an encyclopedia of sorts.  It's perfect.  Truth be told, it's the book I would have loved to have written.

Tangent:  I love the description on the book jacket: I have not survived against all odds. I have not lived to tell. I have not witnessed the extraordinary. This is my story.  Though I have managed to write half of a half of a novel, I fully believe that those that create the best art and literature are those who have experienced amazing things or had exorbitant amounts of pain in their lives (i.e. Sylvia Plath, VanGogh, Eminem, etc).  My life is ordinary, happy and, let's just be honest here, mundane (which is just how I like it, btw).  This book by Mrs. Rosenthal speaks to me.  It's my life.  With a few of the details changed (and a few less F-bombs....not sure why those are even in there but there are a couple). 
So anyway, I'm creating a book of my own similar to Rosenthal's encyclopedia with the help of Cathy Zielske.  No, not for publishing purposes.  But certainly for my own enjoyment and maybe, if they care, my posterity.  I think it will at the very least be a fun exercise in creative writing and make blogging a little more interesting.  

Which brings me back to my original point.... things might get weird around here.  I'm currently in the process of making lists under each letter of subjects I might want to write about.  This book will be all about ME and MY thoughts on things rather than a travelogue or description of the cute things my kids did or said (though they'll probably be mentioned from time to time).   The subject matter will be random and silly and maybe even heartfelt from time-to-time.  Who knows, right?  But I'll be putting it all here on the blog.  I'll then label it with the letter it will be filed under making it easier when the time comes to compile & print my book.  

Does anyone wanna do this with me?  (except you and your bad attitude, Memzy) I think it'd be awesome if a few of us were doing this together and could share things as we went along.  I'm guessing I'll be using a few of my past posts as well (and put them under a letter I'm struggling with).  I think your kids would love it....your husband would probably love it....and I bet you'd love making it if you gave it a shot.  No pressure tho.  Plz?


marcikay said...

totally, TOTALLY intrigued..

I sometimes struggle with stuff to add to the blog to make it.. pertinent? is that the word??

I'm strongly considering this challenge, though I'm not at all the writer you are.. Have I mentioned you're my blog idol?? Yes, yes I have..

{btw.. is the Covey-Lovey thing happening??}

Memzy said...

No thanks.

But I'm sure I will LOVE reading your version.

Memzy said...

And as long as it doesn't interrupt any texting or WWF then you have my permish.

Flem said...

I see no bad news here. Very excited.

Cristin said...

YAY! I can't wait to read. Sounds likes of fun.

Jenny ESP said...

I'll pretty much do anything you tell me to do, so yeah, I'm with you. Only problem is, I don't quite get it. Short, long, random, specific blog posts? Lists filed under certain letters of the alphabet?

What are we talking about here? I'm confused. Try explaining it to me how you would explain it to a small child.

Landee said...

Marci, apparently YOU GIZE are botching the CoveyLovey thing for the SanDiego State game by gallivanting off to Disneyland that weekend. The other option is Nov. 20th for us (Jbird has football games and TBone has soccer all the other weekends). So I'm not sure...hope we can work something out!

As for this fun little blogging thing...right? It's freedom, I'm telling you. No more having to make your blog timely or relevant to what's happening that second.
Let's do it! And, btw, I know I don't comment much but your blog is great! I read it on my reader every time you post (Chelsea's too...dang that annoying Portugese class--haha).

Memz, did you not see where I expressly UNINVITED you and your bad attitude to participate? I knew you'd be like this. I just knew it! Hopefully you will eventually see that it makes blogging easier & more interesting and you'll come groveling back to me begging me to tell you more about it.

Flem, I adore you.

Jespy, did you click on any of the links up there? I suggest the link called "Cathy's concept for the workshop" as it explains it way better than I could. The point is, I'm done feeling like I need to create timely posts involving characters, plots and enormous amounts of photos. You are already a master of it but I am not. I was thinking about your "Children of the Corn Bear their Testimonies" post from a couple of years ago and was thinking that could be under "L" for "Laughter, Uncontrolled" or something like that. Just random thoughts and stories, opinions on things, etc.

I only tell you gize this so that a) you can do it if it seems fun to you and b) so you won't be confused after reading one of my posts for this and say to yourself "Uh, ok. That was random." If it's labeled "MTAV" (me the abridged version) and a letter, then you know.

StandsMom said...

Fassssscinating. Interestingly enough, I have spent the last several days - since watching Julie and Julia - wishing I had a 'blog project' to work on, trying to come up with some sort of idea. I don't think I entirely fit the LDS Cheesy label, though there is some of it in there for sure. And I would hate to copy or piggyback on your brilliant idea, except that your almost begging me to with that Plz. I would like the 'explain to a small child' version too. With visual examples. I've already read through the description of her book, and I'll be moving on to your link of her 'conception for the workshop.' I already have a few topic ideas. Did you buy the book? Kindle it?

Landee said...

I got it at the library but I saw it was available on the Kindle. This seemed like a book I wanted to read on actual pages...don't know why.

And srsly...plz!??! This is the perfect blog project. Work on it when a subject pops into your mind. And don't when they don't. After a while you may need to fill in the holes of some of the letters and then...boom! Done! And I hope to do his project every couple of years as I'm sure I'll have more things to talk about then. I better anyway.

Markie23 said...

My kids might love it, but my husband....

Memzy said...

So if I wanted to do it you'd say no? Good to know. Good to know.

But srsly, I'm sure your blog is gonna continue to be AWES! I can't wait to read it. And cool that you could publish into a book and stuff too.

Memzy said...

And I'm not above groveling should the situation present itself. Just like I expect you to come groveling when you realize the "coupon" light has come on.

Landee said...

Oh I forgot about you Markie. Unless you do have a husband stashed away somewhere. That would explain some...stuff.

Memz, I know you saw the word scrapbooking and shut down emotionally. It's ok. It happens to me and the words coupon too. Although I did see those nut cluster things yesterday at the store and couldn't stand the thought of paying $4 for them so I had to go without. Booooo.

jill'E'jam said...

I've been thinking of doing an abridged version of my life using all of my gazillion journals. I'm thinking I can tweak this brilliant idea and ... hmmm ... thanks for getting the juices flowing :D

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

So basically it's a book about your thoughts on subjects that are random but alphabetically in order, with an encyclopedia feel.
Me Likey.
I think it's a great way for your posterity to know of your hilarity.

Landee said...

SG, you're a genius. An honest to goodness GENIUS! Succinct. Precise. Straight to the heart of the matter. Exactly. Wanna do it too? Your hilarity should be shared as well and not kept under a bushel! <---my attempt at using a scriptural reference to guilt you into this.

Jill, interesting twist there! You pick your fave journal entries and figure out a title for each one so they're alphabetical (could skip around from year to year even). It'd probably be a best seller if I know anything about your journal entries from 5th-10th grade (and I do). Haha.

Jenny ESP said...

^^I see! Thanks for dumbing it down for us, SG. I didn't get how it was different from regular ol' blogging.

Yes, I had already clicked the links and I still didn't get the difference, but I think I get it now. So, through the course, you basically get writing prompts? And a template? Am I missing something else? Does this course cost money?

And I would put my Children of the Corn story under C, for Children of the Corn. Double points.

Landee said...

It's just a way for me to focus my blogging and have an end goal in mind. I work better under pressure.

And I signed up for it and paid for the actual course but one doesn't need to if one doesn't want to (you are "one," btw). It's an easy concept. I am just interested in how these online workshops go. I'll try and pass along any inspiring information...secretly via email so Cathy doesn't hate me.

michelangelo said...

totally late to the party. and hey, i don't know a single one of the other commenters besides you, landee. so i figure they won't care if i'm in or out. mostly, i just need something that will help me get a-bloggin'. mine is so new and needs momentum. hmmm. would this give me momentum? that is the question, hamlet.