Friday, February 25, 2011

I Ardently Admire & Love You...

... but I'm mad at you.

Why did no one INSIST I read Pride & Prejudice?  You guys are mean.

I've been working on a few projects around the house (posts on that later).  They require time, not thinking, so I downloaded a couple of books to listen to as I worked.  As my FIL says, I paid someone to read them to me.

The first was The Sweetness At The Bottom of the Pie.  It was this month's book club at the Smart Remarks Book Club and I knew that if I did not listen to it, it would never get read.  Delightful.  And it made the tedium of painting my walls almost enjoyable.

So, when I finished my first project and started the second I decided it had to include another audio book.  I don't know if I was on an english accent kick or what, but I figured, for some random reason, that now was the time to delve into the world of Jane Austen.   A world I know NOTHING about.  No books have I read, no movies have I seen.

Until now.


I loved this book.

I now get it.

The beauty is how applicable it is to society today.   I swear I could name someone from my own life who mirrors every character in that book.  It made me laugh.  It made me sigh repeatedly.  It made me wish I were one of the sisters of the Longbourne estate.   I am positively in love with their father.  Hilarious.

So here are my questions for those of you more well versed in the world of Miss Jane Austen:

1) I now want to watch one of the movies, of course.   So which one do I watch first?

The BBC version (I think it's, like 8 hours long).

Or the Keira Knightly one? (I'm sure Markie is biased toward this one)

And are there others I don't know about?

2)  How long should I wait to read this?

Like, I'm sure it's funny if you grew up on P&P.  But, as a newbie, should I let the original sink in for a while before taking on this?  Lemme know.

3)  Which Jane Austen should I read next?  Emma?  Sense & Sensibility?

I await your advice on the matter.

Regards, etc, etc.

Miss Landee of Landerson Estate.


Annalisa said...

Don't waste your time with movie number 2. The full series is worth every hour of time you will spend watching it. You will most likely watch it several times after the first. I can't believe you made it through high school and BYU without reading this! I think it was required at least 4 times for me. The "long" version is one of the few movies that does a book justice. Cindy owns it if you want to borrow it. I do to, but the ocean in between is a little far for lending.
I'd say Emma next. How is the audio version? Good reader or bad?
After watching you'll have several new phrases to use when speaking. Nathan still mocks, but I know deep down he liked it.

michelangelo said...

whatever anyone says, both versions of pride and prejudice have their merits. the bbc/a&e version is actually only 5 hours long (6 50-minute installments), so it was take your whole life to watch. it is fabulous. true to the book, yes. and so many opportunities to fall in love with darcy.

the kiera knightley version packs all of the emotion of 5 hours into 2, which, in my opinion makes it worthwhile. sure, they have left out some details, but the emotion and angst and all that stuff we love is still there. i just think of them as separate movies and am able to love them both.

there's an lds movie called pride and prejudice, which i own, and would lend to you if you like. not a good movie. but it's a modern-day lds version of p&p, complete with a trip to vegas for a quick wedding... sounds about right.

you really can't go wrong with jane austen. sense and sensibility or emma. and don't forget about northanger abbey and persuasion. i love them both. masterpiece theater recently released new versions of s&s (different from the emma thompson version but both are great), persuasion and northanger abbey. all are worth watching. especially if you've read/listened to the books.

i've just written a book of my own here. but welcome to the world of jane austen.

oh, and there's a bollywood version called bride and prejudice that you might be interested in one day. i own it, too. i own all 4 versions. so, umm, yeah.

Jenny said...

I love all things Jane Austen. Like michelangelo said, there are several new BBC movies for the Austen novels that are fabulous. My favorites from the new batch of movies are Emma, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility.

I vote for the BBC Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth version over the Kiera Knightly version, though both are good. And, as far as books, you can't go wrong with either Emma or Sense and Sensibility.

marcikay said...

Watch the Colin Firth version. This was the way I first experienced P&P.. and I can't even explain my emotions as I watched {since it was all a surprise}. The other one is good too, but to me, isn't nearly as good.

If you're in Utah, which I don't think you are, you can borrow both of mine..

Plus, you're inspiring me to get some projects done, just so you know..

Cristin said...

BBC ALL THE WAY!!!!! The other is sort of Pride and Prejudice, it's good but it's not like the book good.

You will fall in love with Mr. Darcy again no matter what movie you watch.

One of my favorites is Persuasion but I don't think it's as well liked as her other books, there is just something about it that I enjoy but with your personality, I'd say Emma. Sooooooo good!!!! Also you will have to watch the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma. She does so well bringing out the character of Emma. Love love love.

Markie23 said...

You have to watch both of course, but you are correct that my fave is the Kiera Knightly version. Not just because of the babealicious Knightly, but the cinematography, the score, costumes, rest of the cast... everything is incredible. It's about as close to a perfect movie as you can get.
We watched the BBC version once, but the newer version dozens of times.
P.S. I INSIST you read Jane Eyre!
I also recommend David Copperfield, Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickleby, The Woman In White, Silas Marner, Adam Bede, and of course The Grand Sophy.

Sox said...

I had a hard time "getting" the books (P&P and Emma) the first time I read them. I DISLIKE Ms Knightley but actually LOVED the movie w/her. She really helped me get the emotion of the books. I really liked it, but I haven't seen the BBC version. I am excited to read Sense and Sensibility and see if all this watching has opened my Jane Austen eyes more.

And, no, I didn't have to read this in school. I have done all my Jane Austen study in our lovely state.

ManicMandee said...

I have read all of Jane Austen's books and enjoyed them. But is it bad that I enjoyed all the movies about them more?
Both versions of the movie are great! But I am with Mark on which one is better. The only problem with the new version is it isnt as long as the BBC one. I didnt want the new one to end!

michelangelo said...

i can't believe i forgot mansfield park. oh man. so good. the book and the masterpiece theater movie. be still my beating heart.

Anonymous said...

the zombie version very hilarious. need to know the original lines first though. and the kiera knightly one is decent. no way could i sit through a five hr movie.

Jenny ESP said...

First off, you've mixed up your title, silly. It goes " ardently I admire and love you..." It's important that you say you admire us first, and then drop the "love" bombshell. Much more effective. Nube.

Watch the full BBC version. You've read the book, so the short version will no longer seem adequate. Although the short one is really good too.

After that, you'll be craving more of the same, but you'll soon find that all the other P&P movies don't measure up to those two, so you must get your fix by watching "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell. I mention this cuz it's currently on NetFlix's instant watch list. Don't confuse this with the civil war movie. It's a 2006 BBC movie, and it will bring back feelings of P&P. Soo good.

After that, read Persuasion (my personal favorite, as well as Cristin's).

After that, read the rest of Austen's books in any order you want, it doesn't really matter.

After that, read The Grand Sofie.

Let me know when you complete that "To Do" list, and I'll give you more. You're welcome.

jillEjam said...

Years ago I rented the BBC P&P having no idea what it was about, nor that it would take 5+ hours to watch. My husband and I stuck in DVD #1 at 9:00 pm and we were finished just after 2:00 AM. We both LOVED them and have seen them many times since. My children even quote from them now!

Kira's version is okay but all out of order. The BBC version follows the book exactly except for the hotty part they added when Firth dives into the pond and runs into Lizzy all wet. They need to add that to the book ;)

I agree with the person above. I insist you read Jane Eyre. It's better and better the more times you read it.... granted, it's not Jane Austen. Happy reading/listening!!

Landee said...

Thanks for getting out the red pencil, Miss Esplin. That was fun.

K, so no sooner had I posted this than Stands procured a copy of the BBC from her Visiting Teacher (Stevie M. for those in the ward who might be looking for a copy). She then came over, with two Rte44s in hand, we ordered a pizza, got the girls busy playing and sat on my bed all day watching it.

Best. Day. Ever.

COLIN FIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow. I ardently lust after him now. And yes, Jill, I enjoyed the "cool off in the pond sticky wet white shirt" scene. The only other thing I noticed that was different was when Mr. Collins (he did NOT disappoint in his annoyingness, thank goodness) came to the house to tell the girls about the disgrace Lydia has brought to the family rather than just sending a letter as he does in the book. LOVED the mother (her nerves!!), loved Catherine de Bourgh but I have a feeling Dame Judy Dench will kick her butt. I also loved the actress who played Elizabeth. That little Meryl Streep look alike was lovely. Did you know that is is also in The King's Speech with Colin Firth once again? Adorable.

I have now borrowed Stands' copy of KeiraK's P&P and will be watching it hastily and letting you all know my thoughts.

I'm also thinking S&S is next for me to read. Mostly because I seem to be on an ampersand kick.

What say you all on P&P&Zombies? Since no one mentioned I'm guessing no one has read it? Interesting.

Landee said...

Oh, and there are tons of versions of P&P on iTunes. I sampled a bunch before settling on one that was $9.95 and read by Kate Reading. I thought she did a great job. My only complaint was her "voice" for Mr. Darcy was a little low & staccato-y for my taste but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it.

OH! And I MUST see that LDS version!!! I love bad LDS movies and one based on P&P has got to be the pinnacle of awesomeness!! Can I get it at Deseret Book?

jtibs said...

BBC is more true to the book. I love it. Also- I agree with reading Emma next. Its funny and cute, and modern movies such as Clueless have been based off of Emma. I'm assuming you've seen Clueless, even if you haven't seen the Emma movie with Gwenyth Paltrow. I've seen all the movies that michelangelo mentioned... the only one I've watched repeatedly is the BBC version though.

Landee said...

Sorry Darci! I didn't see your comment on the Zombies one! After I watch all the versions of P&P I will definitely read it.

Whose hilarious idea was that anyway? I also see there's a Sense & Sensibility & Seamonsters. What the?

eekareek said...

If you love Jane Austin, you'll love Francine Pascal. Trust me.

michelangelo said...

Complete with a clip.

If I lived in CO I'd come over and watch it with you.

Flem said...

Oh good, you made the wise choice, I was panicked you might have gone for kiera version first. Honestly Steve and I think the original black and white is kind of comically brilliant and Jane is actually pretty as opposed to a ferris-buellers-day-off-principal-look-alike actress (she was pregnant during filming so that could be the cause). But nothing touches BBC version and I have watched it close to a hundred times.

Fun fact: Jennifer ehle narrates clockwork angel on audible, toooootallly brilliant listen.

Definitely S&S next as it is austens best comedy.

Krissy said...

I have recently read P&P for the first time too so I was anxious to hear the answers to all your questions. Now I am off to watch the bbc ever-anticipated Colin Firth!

Memzy said...

I've never read Jane Austen.

::blocking my face from the blows::

jorijepps said...

Read Emma next, I love it! Have you watched the gwneth Paltrow version? It is the best! Persuasion is good too. A new version came out a few years ago it's really good. :)

Jori said...

Oopsie, that last comment was me. Do you care if I post your entry way makeover on my blog?