Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Fave Craft-y Blogs

Someone asked for these, didn't they?   

Well, even if they didn't, here they are.  

Let me just say that since I've started perusing these blogs my confidence in a few things has grown....confidence in things such as: doing a class party for my kids, making throw pillows, decorating for even the smallest and lamest of holidays (I actually WANT to make something for Valentine's Day...VALENTINE'S DAY!), making little things for my Visiting Teachees each month.... you get my drift?  It's changed me.  In a good way.  While I'm not that CREATIVE, I can certainly copy stuff.  Like, really well.  

Warning: They are highly addictive.  End of warning.

This is a good one to look at because she pulls together all kinds of ideas/projects/recipes from all over the web in one spot.  It's a good jumping off point for craft blogs.

She doesn't post a ton but I've really liked all the things she has done and her all around style. 

More of a home decor blog but i like her style and she does some crafting from time to time.  All while being budget conscious.  

The name of this blog makes me laugh.  And she's funny and is quick to say if something she is making turns out to be lame or ugly.  It's hilarious.

One of my absolute favorites!!  LOVE these sisters' style.  And they always have such fun printables.

Her writing style is almost unbearable (an lol every 2 seconds) but I love her style.  I'm thinking about doing the treatment she did in her pantry {here} to the backsplash in my kitchen.  It might tide me over until I can do some fancy tiling there.  

Love her style (houndstooth anyone?) and she's funny.  

Classy & cute projects and I love here simplistic style.  

I've found some cute stuff on here too.  

This is Kim's go-to "joke" for craft blogs..."What, did you see that on Little Birdie Secrets?"  so yeah, gotta check that one out.

Similar to tipjunkie in that she pulls together some fun projects from all over the web.  She does some of her own as well.  

Do you have any favorite ones that I missed?  Please share.  But also know that by sharing, you are enabling my addiction.  And you'll have to just live with that.


jillEjam said...

What the.... I'm never going to get anything done again!! It's time to put on my crafty self!

Thanks for the links ;D

Anonymous said...
CRAZY LADY like in the can-build-furniture-sorta-crazy
got some stuff to do valentine's decorations out of here. which was basically print, spray paint a frame-i call that being craft. anyway, very cute.

i'm pretty sure a reality show needs to happen to cover this sort of addiction...

good luck!

Memzy said...

1. Your birthday party shows your recent addiction and implementation and it's aDORable!!

2. I just spent 30 minutes perusing these blogs and I'm EXHAUSTED!

Landee said...

Jill, I haven't gotten off my couch with my laptop in a month. I don't even know where my kids are right now.

Darc....eeek! Consider all of those added to my Google Reader. I'm particularly loving shanty-2-chic. Holy moly..I may need to try my hand at that bed she posted about recently. But kind sized!

Memz, 1) thanks! and 2) you gotta build up your stamina. Eeeeease into it! I can't have you overloading on me.

Jenny ESP said...

Thanks for wasting my morning. I have no time left to get caught up on my real blogs now. Urgh. But I guess I should give you a grudging "thanks" for helping me find my paint color. So, "thanks."

Annalisa said...

So I decided to browse your blogs despite my lack of craftiness and here is what I found. The brownpaper packages blog is a girl in my Midland ward. For many reasons I find this hilarious. We'll have to chat about it sometime.
This just reaffirmed my lack of craftiness. It's genetic I think. You come from crafty stalk. Cooking on the other hand that doesn't make me cringe. So when you get some good cooking blog obsession send it my way.

eekareek said...

Thanks for the tips and sharing your blogs. Another really really really good one is Check it out.

Krissy said...

Why hello there! I haven't commented for awhile, but I still look at your blog all the time.

Thanks for the links. I have been getting my craft on lately.

One of my personal faves is
She has great tutorials and i love her style.

Landee said...

Krissy, so funny you should mention! I'm actually thinking about doing her "painted wallpaper" thing on my stairway wall. I've already printed off the template and everything. I'm still trying to decide if I can be trusted enough to do it. We shall see.

I do love that blog.