Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines COMPLETE!

I was happy I thought of this (the head thing) because, truth be told, JBird kind of scowled at the idea of holding a sucker in his valentine this year.  Apparently he's getting too big for such things??   But I think this morbid take on an old favorite is doable.  Even for a big 5th grader like himself.

Maybe next year we'll get even more gruesome and have the sucker killing them dead.   Or have it say "LOVE HURTS" or something?  I'm open to suggestions.

For now I adore them immensely & intensely.

Also, PS and an FYI, using an exacto knife to slice the openings is better than using a small hole punch.  It lays a bit flatter that way.  


michelangelo said...

am i too old to give out valentine's at work? i want a reason to make these.

Carol said...

So stinkin cute. As always, you are a creative copying genius. Love it!!

Eve said...

seriously tiff I am having valentine's envy. These are very very cute :)

Princess Kimi said...

Sooooo perfecto!!!!! Still waiting by the mailbox btw...for my party favors from Brynners birthday..and now these.

danandcami said...

SOOOOO cute! I LOVE what you did for the boys and I bet when Jack comes home today he will be happy cause everyone will think his were the best valentine in the class!!

Jenny ESP said...

Oh geez. They turned out super adorable and I totally want one. Stop being such an awesome mom, I'm gonna barf!!

Homer handed out paper airplane Valentines--his classmates bowed to him and named him hero of the day, from the way Homer tells it. V-day wasn't a complete failure this year, I suppose.