Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Landee Style V-Day

Full disclosure:  After years of not liking Valentine's Day, I've come to decide it's one of my favorites.  It's the perfect sized holiday for me... enough to make the kids feel special with out going completely over the top (budget-wise and time-wise).    Oh, I've also decided to make it a "family holiday" versus a "couple holiday."   That helped flip the switch for me as well.  We have our anniversary for that.  Oh, and every day of our extremely romantic marriage.  ::snort::  

Anyway, so I decided to do a little decorating for this sweet holiday for the first time ever.  But I was determined to spend $0.00.  So I made this garland out of strips of card stock I already had and fishing line.  Beebs was super impressed.  

And I hung some from the light fixture in the kitchen.  

I saw these adorable little treats on several blogs and decided to try them out.  Strawberry marshmallows dipped in chocolate?  Yes.  I made them for my new little Sunday School class and, needless to say, they adore me now.  They took me about 10 minutes to make an entire bag's worth and Beebee helped with the sprinkles.  And all were happy.  Amen.  

I will probably be making them again soon with Easter-type sprinkles due to their extreme versatility. 

This morning I had a little gift out for each kid for when they came down for breakfast (no time for a Valentine themed breakfast but I put some extra love in their cereal).  They each got a book and another small thing.  They were thrilled.  

{Gty & I then had a little lunch date, in case you were worried.}

Then tonight we made heart-shaped homemade pizzas with heart-shaped pepperoni!  And I've also decided that no matter how you do it, pizza looks disgusting on film.  But believe me,  it was delish. 

We then proceeded into the FHE portion of the evening where in Gty gave a little lesson on "Love One Another" and we decorated some heart sugar cookies I made earlier.  

Someone (Tbone) was having a bit of a tude and did not want to participate.   We begged him to please come to the table and just decorate one cookie.  This was his cookie.

"Can I go now"

Gty quickly crafted a response cookie.

Tbone then countered with this. 


JBird decided to smile for me like this.

 And then Beebs made this too-cute-with-those-eyelashes cookie and posed like this.

And thus ended the Valentine Cookie War 2011.


Carol said...

How? I say--How? can normal people compete with that? Oh yeah--life is not a competition. It is, nowever, super fun watching you. Happy Heart Day.

michelangelo said...

may i have your sugar cookie recipe? plzthx.

also, i have decided i like valentine's day, too. but i didn't do much about it this year. maybe next time when i have purchased card stock for some other reason and will then have some leftover for v-day.

Memzy said...

Tbone will forever have my heart. That kid keeeelz!! Next time pic of pouting Tbone during cookie frosting pls.

Morgan's Visual Idea journal said...

I am glad you chose to keep it simple. ::rolling my eyes:: Your heart garland is adorable and as well JBirds face in his picture. Awwww precious moments.

Jenny ESP said...

Tbone completes me. Best conversation heart cookie ever.

Princess Kimi said...

to quote you... "I don't feel the need to entertain"

THAT being said. Who wrote on Beeb's facey?

Mare Babes said...

Tiffany, you are so creative. I happened upon your blog and got several good ideas for when some of my grandchildren will be here for Easter! Love the marshmallows, love what you did to your bathroom, and love you! Marilyn Thompson