Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's My Birthday...

... but more importantly, it was the AI results show last night!

Lemme do a quick run down of my thoughts.....

::ring ring:: It's my parents wishing me a happy b-day and wondering if I have watched the results show yet. I tell them no. They proceed to tell me "OOOOOOOOOHhhhh boy! Well you better take a couple of asprin before you watch cuz it's a major shocker!!!!!"

Wha? Srsly? K, just tell me then.... I can't handle a big shocker tonight.

They decline and just tell me to go watch it.... "but maybe when it gets down to the bottom two just turn off the TV and go to bed.... don't bother watching the end."

Mkay? This is weird. ::start having panic attacks that Kris goes home::

I get off the phone ASAP and push play.

Decent ensemble number. Probably the best one so far. And no lip syncing either. Nice.

Nice staged food fight in the kitchen. $6000.000 to clean that up?? Imma move to CA and start a cleaning business. My kids make a mess like that daily and I get paid nada to clean it up.

HOW COULD ADAM FALL FOR THE OLDEST AI TRICK IN THE BOOK???? Has he never watched this show before? If you're the last one and they try and make you pick a group on your own.... YOU DON'T CHOOSE. You just look like an idiot/jagbag either way. I thought he was smarter than that. How humiliating to choose the "good" group only to be sent over to the "bad group" as a member of the bottom three. Dumb Adam. Dumb.

How is Kris in the bottom three, btw?? I guess I need to start voting now.

Natalie Cole is still alive? Is that gold draperies she is wearing?

::Fast Forward::

::awkward shot of the bottom three making small talk backstage::

Taylor Hicks.... gosh. If he looked 40 when he was competing on AI, he looks 50 now.

::Fast Forward::

:::HUGE sigh of relief as Kris is sent back safe:::

Jamie FoxX to perform.... I'm guessing now the AI contestants are thinking to themselves "We took advice from THIS guy?" Did he really sing through a reverb machine the whole time? He looks like an actor acting like an R&B artist. Terrible. Not to mention he's trying to bring the term "cats" back. "Dees cats righ' here.... dem cats is for realz." Uh-huh.

Bottom TWO: Matt and Adam

::trying to decide if I'd be sad if Adam went home::

Matt is gone.

::Fast Forward cuz I can't stand hearing My Funny Valentine again::

::contemplate calling parents to see what they were referring to.... decide against it and watch The Biggest Loser instead::

So there you have it.

As for my b-day, I slept in, skipped the gym, and went shopping with my "negotiated amount of b-day money," met fun friends for lunch and shopped some more. I now have some decent warm weather attire... stocked up on Roxy tees big time.

I can't wait to see what BeeBee & the boys got me.


Memzy said...

What did Beebs and the boys get you then?

Good stuff. I'm guessing your parents thought you'd be all saddy if Adam went home. Tricksters too.

Memzy said...

ps. are we on for tonight or should we wait? I'm cool either way.

Flem said...

Party like its your birfday.

I thought AI was good because it was unpredictable.

And Kris was in the top three too. At this point it is anyone's game.

Great write up and I agree with you about Adam needing to have learned his lesson. He should have stood in the middle like classy someone or other did last year--Cook?

Kat said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Didn't make it to lunch to wish you one in person...had to deal with a "sick" tree.

Landee said...

Flem, it was David Archuletta last year who sat down in the middle and refused to choose. Classy indeed.

Memz, sent you a text.

Kathy, no problem on not making it to lunch. Missed you tho!

eekareek said...

Happy Birthday....yesterday. My gift is in the mail. It is Fed ex so it may never show up....

Markie23 said...

I loved that Adam was in the bottom three. I'd really love to see him go home next week.
I would still vote for Taylor Hicks over any of the current season's contestants. When he pulls out his harmonica he moves mountains.

Hot Pants said...

Flem is such a half full glass of water girl.

I'm feeling a little worried about adding my gift to Sara's FedEx packaging now. Here's the tracking number just in case: 555555555555

Jamie Foxx is a dork.

Br Boys said...

Happy Bday! It's my Hubbie's Bday as well. He wanted stainless steel cookware or a Kitchen aid mixer. (I know, weird) He IS a great cook, but still it was hard to buy that stuff for a bday gift.

Jenny ESP said...

Glad your birthday was mostly awesome, and that you got my package... three days early even. I still haven't watched the results show. It's on my TiVo. I'm gonna go throw a lean cuisine in the micro and watch it right now, even tho I know Matt is out. Did I mention that Markie tried to vote for him? Cute! ::pat on Markie's head::

Jenny said...

I hope your birthday was a good one!

Annie said...

Happy Belated B-Day. Hope you had a good one.

ManicMandee said...

Happy birthday...late.

Sounds like it was a good day.

Katie said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. If it makes you feel any better, I wasn't going to get you anything anyway. I think a arranged amount of money to spend is way better than pretending you like what you got. Knowing me I would probably blow it on groceries, so maybe not.