Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blood, Sweat & Tears

That is what it took to make this a reality. You may want to remind yourself of the atrocity that it WAS HERE before really perusing these pictures. You'll appreciate them more.

The feng shui energy that is coming up from the basement is incredible. It's like I'm high on crank now (what's the diff between crank and crack, btw? I haven't watched Intervention in a while). I mean, people can walk freely without the possibility of tripping on something and dying! It's a miracle.

Better use of shelving comin' atcha.

Bins bins bins bins bins!!!

My favorite thing I did was set up this Shelf-Reliance action that has been in its box for the past 8 months. I just feel righteouser. We've never had ANY food storage. Srsly. Not in 13 years of marriage. Thank goodness Y2K panned out ok, huh? When Phil & Milly were here a few weeks ago we went to Costco and The WalMart and loaded up (their Christmas prezzie to us). We might just make it to the celest after all, you gize.

So, yeah. Hopefully it will stay this way until YOU and YOU and YOU come to visit. If not, don't judge me.


Memzy said...

Straight to the celestial.

1. I see a "craft night" for your church friends/YW's happening in that little nook.

2. I forgot how many interesting shapes and areas there are down there. Finishing that basement will eventually be awes.

3. Now I'm gonna go click the "before" pics and forget that I ever saw this post.

StandsMom said...

I stare in awe, my dear. I sigh, knowing how good it would feel to have such order in my own basement, but also knowing that it would be like moving a mountain to get me to actually DO that. Impressive! You're so responsible, and grown up and stuff. I do love the bins. Maybe I should ask Santa for 30 bins for Christmas, and in return - my gift would be filling them with stuff and stacking them neatly. It's a thought. But really, just a thought.

Cristin said...

I heart it...big time!!!! Now, can you come work on mine??? It's not as big...

your bins rock!!! There's something so wonderful about a wall in straight organized bins, that alone would make you celestial...srsly ....I wouldn't lie about a thing like that.

Glo said...

wow, i feel so satisfied to see the before and after, its like watching the oprah make over shows, so thank you for this!

danandcami said...

Way to go!! That is definitely some work!! I bet you like to go down there and just look around and breathe a sigh of relief!! I think you are going to especially LOVE the shelf reliance. I have something similar and I don't know how I lived without it, hmmm although I am right now but if we need food storage to go to the celestial please don't let the end come until we are back home! No such thing as a basement here. We are squeezed as it is and maybe a week we could go???! Anyway-Good on ya for all the hard work! And maybe a cricut party in about a year and a half??

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

That is pure celestial feng shui loveliness.
Seriously, you need to start some organization business! Your fliers could have the before and after of your basement, your amazing kitchen cabinets, your scrapbooking closet, etc. A city set on a hill should not be hid I tell you...SHARE those good works sista! I'm your 1st customer for your next blood sweat & tears project. Sign me up.

Markie23 said...

I learned in Sunday School that the people in the large and spacious buildings are NOT the ones going to the celestial kingdom. That's why I keep my spaces small and cluttered.

marcikay said...

i am VERY impressed.. and jealous..

so far, EVERY day since we've been home from our trip i've said "today we're gonna work on ______" ..and we've not made any progress..

eek!! my kids already have less than 2 months until school starts again!!

(i'd actually rather do it on my own, but i'm supposed to be molding 3 future homemakers, right????)

Flem said...

Aren't I the only one actually coming this summer?

And it looks gooooood. Can't wait to lend my kids to return it to its original form.

ShelBailey said...

Wow, you should come do something about our basement. Of course, mostly what needs to be done in our basement is hauling it all away.

"Well, don't wanna throw that out, we might need it?" BUT, will we know WHERE it is when we do??? Prob not.

Good job. You could srsly sleep a lot of people on airmattresses down there. Maybe a Bailey family reunion??

Carol said...

Very impressive Tiffers. Very. It must have taken a long time to organize all that stuff. I'm way proud of you. Maybe I'll submit your basement to "Divine Design" or "Color Splash" to be finished. Wouldn't THAT be fun. Wish I was coming to visit this summer. Any chance you're going to Angelica's wedding? Just a thought. Uncle Visor and I are making the drive in our new conversion van. I feel we need to travel while we can. Love you, AV

Landee said...

Oh my gosh you gize! You are soooo nice... I'm gonna do it... BS&T Organizing is up and running now. It'll only cost you $1,000,000.00 for one basement redo. Toooootally worth it. Need I remind you of my wall of bins?

K, I'll be sending around a sign up sheet in RS and YW and here on the blog. I suggest you sign up quickly. I'm gonna be busy.

Landee said...

Oh, and Markie, they can get in but it'll just be hard, like that camel in the eye of a needle thing. Not impossible, just hard. That's why I got the Shelf-Reliance. Any little thing helps.

Michelle, Gty has been my nemesis during this whole process. He's such a friggin' pack rat. Intolerable. Oh, and heck yes I want a bunch o' Baileys on air mattresses down there! Do you know how many mice we slept down there a while ago? Well, a lot. Amy gets first pick of spots.

AV, Me + Candice Olson = TLA. Submit me!!!!!!!

Jenny ESP said...

Your wall of bins is impressive. It'll keep the Huns out for sure.