Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We are off to UT where all the righteous people live. We will be back
in internet range on Saturday. Miss you already.


Cristin said...

Have fun in Zion, try not to get translated...that would totally suck for the rest of us.

Hot Pants said...

I'm guessing with all that crap, you're either camping or staying at a dirty person's house and feel the need to bring your own bedding. Have a good time!

Memzy said...

I hate to be the one to say this but....Beebs still has her binky?!! I thought you got rid of that?

Oh wait....Char still pees the bed soooooo

Mote in the eye I guess.

Carol said...

Looks like a fun road trip. You DO have gummy worms right? It's a road trip must have. Didn't know if you knew that.

danandcami said...

Have a great time and will look forward to your next post!

Flem said...

This explains why your phone goes straight to voicemail. I thought perhaps you had not paid your bill.

I miss you.

Landee said...

Number of times I've posted a pic of BB with her binky: 6
number of times Memzy had to say something about it: 6


Hotpants, your detective skillz are astounding! Camping and dirty! Jaykay, but we aren't light packers. Golfclubs take up some srs amounts of room.

Flem, got your VM. Call whenever you get up today. I have coverage here.

PS. Leaving comments on the iPhone is annoying. Believe it.

Annalisa said...

Kip convinced Sam the binki was making his teeth crooked. He now has an inner struggle between really wanting it and not wanting crooked teeth! Poor 3 year old having to suffer these guilt trips! I told him naps don't make his teeth crooked. I'm the bad one, but other wise he no take naps! I need him to take naps.

Jenny ESP said...

This sucks. But I'm glad you gize aren't P.O.W.s. That would be worse.

Kim said...

Thank goodness we have the Asian BSBs during this time of saddy. I want to sign his cast.

Srsly tho G had a binky till he was 5 and his teeth are... nvm.

StandsMom said...

My conv. with MemZ today --
"Last I heard Tiff was liking the book alot..."
"How did you get ahold of Tiff? She is truly MIA."
"No kidding! She's not answering you either? She finally sent me a quick text yesterday."
"Um. It's like she's deaderz in a ditch or something."

I really hope you're not deaderz in a ditch. Leaving comments on the iphone is annoying? Huh? Are you referring to vm, texting or both? Why didn't I know that Gty golfs? He and Bri really have to go play sometime very soon.

P.S. I've still got two kids wearing pullups to bed. One of them may be taking pullups with him to college someday.