Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm An Addict

I have a new addiction. It goes well with my addictive personality.

Yes, tag this on to my Diet Dr. Pepper and Dove Chocolate addictions. As well as Peggle (an iPhone game app....major time sucker but I'm now a Peggle master so not a complete time waster!).

So my new addiction is getting Twitter attention from Eric D. Snider. He, in his infinite power of his words, gave me, like 300 hits in 24 hours, you gize! It was exhilarating for a small timer like myself.

So I need some ideas on how to provoke the man again. Cut & paste another column of his (there is actually a really funny alternate Twilight screenplay that is tempting me)? Put up a pic of him with devil horns photo shopped on? Start a rumor he's now apostate?

Don't fail me. This has to happen. I'm already going through withdraws and the shakes are setting in.

Thanks in advance for your brilliant suggestions.

Snidely Yours,

Landeelu Landerson


Memzy said...

My vote has been for the devil horns for awhile now. Sienfeld would be proud.

Flem said...

Uh, how about actually tweeting? Do you have some different username I am not following or something?

Do lots of @ericdsniders and they will come.

But what do I know?

Landee said...

Flem, I did one @ericdsnider but he ignored me. Multiple you say? I'll put this in the "Possible Avenues" column.

::google image searching "devil horns" as we speak:: Memz.

Carol said...

Tiffers, I'm waiting for the "after" picture of your basement. How long should I wait? And the Eric Snider thing----he seems a bit juvenile to me. I'm just saying.

Markie23 said...

"Snide" remarks about the name Snider.
He's slithery, like a snidewinder
Laughed so hard my snides hurt.
Caught in a mud snide.
Who's snide'r you on?

Jenny ESP said...

I think you have a crush on this nerd.

Flem said...

How about RTing him but mockingly. Like this:

His recent tweet:

Who in Portland wants to join me tomorrow night at midnight for some "Transformers" action?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...?

Then you tweet this:

Who in Denver wants to join me tomorrow night at midnight for some Transformational Liar's Dice? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...?

Jenny ESP said...

What the!!!!! How the H did my comment to Eric S end up on your blog??? Stupid blogger! To clarify, you're the nerd, and he's the one with the crush. Clearly. I guess this means that Eric got my "that Twilight parody sucked! TP his house instead" comment.

Kim said...

surely you have some of his musak you could put up on your site to really bring it on home. I vote for whole new ward. Cuz it's funny and fitting cuz Memz already got a calling while she was unpacking nstuff.

But yeah what Aunt Visah said about the basement thingie. kthanks. porfa?

Landee said...

Kim, I WILL put up some of his music... did that CD that survived a car robbery survive the fire? Cuz I'm not gonna buy his stuff myself. Upload that bad boy and email it to me.

I don't even think copyrights existed back then anywayz.

Kim said...

Good news is it survived the fire and better news the battery in the MAV was deaderz in the nonditch way but I already ejected said unstolen unfireburned CD. Says copyright 2003 on it so it's past the 6 year suggestionish rule. Consider it totally legally emailed unless it's really illegal then I don't know you. Or me.

Kim said...

new post plz.