Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have been busy on the computer these days. Obviously it hasn't been because of blogging. No. No. No. I have actually been doing genealogy. Not the boring retroactive kind. The futuristic kind of genealogy. It's much more exciting.

I just got done putting together the 2nd edition of US Yearly: The Anderson Family News Magazine. It is amazing stuff, you gize.

If you want to subscribe it will cost you a mere $14.00 per year plus S&H. It is well worth your money, believe me. 44 pages of extreme awesomeness.

Point is, I'm back. I'll be posting more regularly. Because really, blogging is futuristic genealogy too. Super thrilling-edge-of-your-seat posts comin' up.

PS Also a time sucker? GITYD. These characters are taking over my life. In the good way. Don't forget to tune in to their saga. It's heating up over there.....


Jenny ESP said...

That is so cool that Grandma Dot made the cover! I'm tempted to buy your glossy mag, even tho I'm not an Anderson, but that would seem creepy. If Brangelina was an Anderson, I'd get it in a heartbeat.

So is Kris gonna kiss Gityd or what? Riveting saga, indeed.

Memzy said...

Runar is adorable!!!

Gityd is all I see now with Adam and Kris in the tabloids. It's an illness for me.

Katie said...

Look at you! By buying said magazine, do I automatically become a member of the family? This is a much cheaper potential opportunity. I am also one for instant gratification, as you know.

Gityd, is my favorite book ever. Being computerless has really put a damper on my blogging/reading, but tomorrow I should be up and running again. I just wanna hang out with kris and MJ. They seem like a good time.

Landee said...

J, of course she made the cover....she's NINETY for cryin' out loud!! And look at her... cute as a freakin' button. Sharp as a tack and where Gty gets his energy from. And I'll let you look at it when you come to visit at the END OF JULY!!! That goes for all y'all. You come to visit, you can look at the mag... for FREE.

It's as if the "real Kris" and "real Adam" don't exist anymore. I'm so over them.... GITYD is where it's at. Plus, I think Kris is gonna kiss someone soon. I'm waiting for Jespy to write a romantical love scene betwixt Kris and SOMEONE.

Say Anything said...

I'm happy, yet sad that I saw the cover of Us Yearly. I LOVE knowing what's coming, but hate that it won't be a TOTAL surprise when I open it. With that said. Where is my US Yearly? I have 44 pages of pure bliss to start enjoying. Thanks to an amazing Editor!

Chrissi said...

I LOVE The teaser!! Great cover, great work... Can't wait!!!