Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Gty!

A quick photo shoot between Gty's meetings. My kids are truly lucky to have such a wonderful dad. They probably won't really appreciate it until they are parents themselves but in the mean time I'll continue to enjoy watching Gty play with them and spend lots of quality time with each them. He makes life so much fun. Always cracking jokes and singing whatever silly song he has made up about one of them that day-- full-voice, in the kitchen as he does the dishes.

He asked for "nothing, please don't spend any money" for Father's Day. I got him some new iPhone headphones as the microphone on his is broken and he keeps stealing mine. It had to be done.

Happy Father's Day to Gty and all the dads out there! You are loved and appreciated forever!


danandcami said...

What great pictures! It is so true that we don't really appreciate our parents until we become one. Hope you all had a great day together.

Memzy said...

Whycome Gty looks so skinny?

marcikay said...

love your tradition of taking pictures on mother's/father's day..

i wish i'd thought of it..

but now i'm so behind, i figure why start?? :)

Kim said...

love how you dressed them all in greys.

Srsly Gty rawks. Even at just bein fave uncle Wheatypennycent.