Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why the Internet was Invented

My SIL sent me this video a week or so ago. I didn't watch it right away because it couldn't play on my iPhone. SILLY SILLY LANDEE! I could have been watching this all week!! For shame. Do not let this happen to you.

My fave part is the key change.... they nail it.

Backstreet Asians

::said in thick asian accent (take your pick as to which one):: Uh, dee uhBackuhStreetuhBoyz dey wear de same shirt, yes? We hav uuuh same Rocket shirt! Yes!

You be, uuuh, Nick? And I am AJ? Ok? Ok. Pressa dat play button.

The fact that this video was on Google Videos rather than YouTube reminded me of a video that I think SRod had found a couple of years ago on Google Videos and was kind enough to share. I just watched it twice, back-to-back. It couldn't be helped. I think I've watched it 34 times now if you count days past. I have so many favorite parts to this video gold mine that I can't narrow it down. Plus I don't want to influence you in anyway here. I'll let you decide your favorite part all on your own.

It was posted in October of 2005 by Tony himself. And the description is simply "Me in my songing practice..." ::sigh:: I wanna adopt Tony.

Always Sentimental Remind Me

Thank you Internet Inventors.


Cristin said...

I heart Asian Backstreet Boys!!!! I can't help but love the completes me.

Memzy said...

The Internet machine is my reason to live.

Songing practice.

marcikay said...

i'm partial to the guy in the background who sat on his computer and didn't make a move for the whole "take"..

AND.. what a new and exciting twist to my very favorite 80's song.. (really!! it is!!) ::though i've apparently been songing the lyrics wrong all this time::

Hot Pants said...

I melted when Tony sang that to me. Did you see the way he was looking at me?

danandcami said...

My favorite part of Tony's singing is the black cat painting just watching him ever so carefully. What a great songing practice that was, I am sure by the evening he was ready to sing to his special someone!!

Jenny ESP said...

Thanks for posting those so I can watch them again and again. The best part of the internet is your blog, tho, cuz that's how we met. I'm such a somethingthereto fool.

Glo said...

Thank you for introducing us to Tony. Picture this, me and Mitch, dying laughing and playing it over and over again. Seriously, thank you

Say Anything said...

If I'm not mistaken that was the backstreet boys song that came out while I lived with you in Indy. I would sit in the car to finish the song on the radio when I got home. Love those key changes! What did we do before TBSB? love them AND you!