Thursday, February 25, 2010

AI: The Doods

I know we've got 12 young men here fighting for my attention but my heart still belongs to Kris.  I have to stop the FFwding and watch his Ford commercials.  He is so adorable because he thinks his car is a video game and he's supposed to collect leaves.  ::sigh:: Miss him.  Click here to see why.  Oh, and start at Chapter One so you don't ruin it for yourself.

"You know I'm a fan of yours, right?"   <--- that's Randy Code for you sucked.

Ellen says what everyone is thinking at home.  If I start loving her anymore Gty is gonna have a problem.

Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
Well, I gotta hand it to him.  He certainly took this song and "made it his own."  The issue now is that "his own" is early 90s R&B.  Yo, yo, yo, know I'm a fan of yours, right?

Archuletta 2.0
Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts
Has he been selling himself as a country boy this whole time and I missed it?   Where did this come from?  I mean, yes, obviously the boy can sing a song.  Everyone here can sing.  He just rubs me the wrong way.  And it's NOT because he's a closet-gay.  I love the gays.  I adored Clay Aiken, fhs.  He's just too....too... smiley & goofy or something.  I can't put it into words but you knowwhati'msayin.  I won't be sad when he goes back to his Algebra II class.

DBag Diva
Get Here by Oleta Adams
Holy ebonics, Batman!  He "ain't gonna throw nobody under da bus no more."  I was so glad he made a conscious decision on that.  He claims he is a "church singer."  Is that a profession?  Or was he saying he sang in church on Sundays.  And if you're hiring a church singer, do you want one with a neck tattoo?  His song was dumb.  He sang it dumb.  He is dumb.  And then "Who is Michael?" at the end?  He had a lot of making up to do to change American's opinion of him and he gets an F from me on that one.  I like him even less now.

Apologize by One Republic
He shoulda done the "featuring Timbaland" version or something because that was....not... in his range.  Way too high and strained on the chorus.  Positives:  He gives off a Jon Peter Lewis vibe which I like.  He has Gty's cute red cheeks/complexion.  And he didn't tell his family he had made it back onto AI?  Hilarious.  That speaks volumes about his personality whereas his performance did not.  "People are gonna feel sorry for you," said Simon.  It's true.  Which is why, had my voting not been closed in my time zone by the time I was done watching, I would have cast a few votes for him.  He can do better.

Latino Ben Stiller
You & I by Jason Mraz
I'm thinking "my fingers froze" was code for "I don't really know how to play the guitar."  I'm interested to see (if he should stay on) if he ever tries to play the guitar on stage again.  I'm guessing no.  This was my first time ever hearing his voice speaking or singing and I'd say it was aaiiiiight.  Nothing terrible.  Nothing great. 

American Woman by BTO
How much do you think tuition is at "How To Look and Act Like a Rockstar" school is?  Cuz I totally want to go!  It's taught 70s a thing or two anyway.  He works the camera like Constantine used to.  I think he's a funny guy so I'm kinda rooting for him even though he is a little undeserving talent wise.  I thought it was a good song choice for him and he did with it what he could.  I'm torn with this dude and I don't even know why.

Flem Dewyze
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
::raising eyebrows::  Well now, what have we here?  He is one of those poor people who have gotten very little face time with the American public and yet here I sit, enjoying him.  He was all ga-ga that Simon had tapped his hand during his performance during Hollywood week which I found adorable.  I liked his song choice.  I like his guitar playing.  I love his hair.  He's a real dude's dude.  I bet he won a lot of people over tonight.

God Bless The Child by Billie Holiday
What in the song choice is going on here?  Bad bad bad bad.  I don't care if this song is "important to him."  Is this the kind of craptastic music he would put out if he wins the record contract?  I know nothing more about him musically now than I did yesterday.  I bet Shania didn't even pick up the phone and vote for him & his "nice lips" and great "bottom end" on that one.  Indulgent is right.

Big Mike
This Love by Maroon 5
Love the song choice and I think he sang it really well.  Here is where I fell a little deeper in love with Ellen because she says what everyone is thinking at home.  "Ok, could have been a little better but everyone loved watching you on the phone with your wife as she's having your baby.  People love your story."  Exactly.  Never underestimate the power of a good sob story.  It can outweigh pitchy in a second.

Green Banana
Wonderful World by James Morrison
If you were wondering, THAT is what Gty's hair looked like in high school.  The long swept bangs mullet combo.  It was a big hit with the ladies.  I'm not surprised Greeny is trying to bring it back.   The clips of him in group during Hollywood Week rekindled my hatred of Mary so that was good.  As for his performance I was uncomfortable during most of it.  It seemed like he was reading the lyrics off of cue cards or something.  And it seemed like his little gestures and steps were all choreographed by some strict stage mom who will beat him if he messes up.  Poor widdle guy.

Heaven by Bryan Adams
I must have a thing with Bryan Adams songs that I am just now beginning to own.  I had a similar "reaction" when Chris Daughtry sang his "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman."  I won't go into the details of my reaction but, you can imagine, I'm sure.  I enjoyed it.  That's all I'll say.  And I enjoyed this song as well.  I wish Kara would have just sat there and let him play.  So distracting.  He was practically suppressing the giggles the whole time.  It did keep him from taking himself too seriously though so that's good.  He's still at the top of my list.   No changes there.

Sugar, We're Goin Down by Fall Out Boy
I'm thinking the judges had never heard the original Fall Out Boy version of this song before.  He totally "Straight Up"-ed it!  What was their problem?  I loved it and I love him.  He described himself as a "musician and stay-at-home-dad."  Is that code for unemployed?  I don't really care either way, just asking.  And upon further/closer inspection I can tell you that those glasses ain't for show, you gize.  Those things have to be a more than half an inch thick!!   I can't wait for him to start up his own line with LensCrafters so Gokey will have some competition. 

All in all I wasn't as impressed with the guys as I was hoping but there were a few bright spots here and there.  Pleasantly surprised with Flem & his rocker voice.  And Casey & Andrew were obvious favorites as well.

Who Goes Home?:  I'm thinking DBagDiva and LuckyDuck.

But who really knows.  Latino Ben Stiller could be gone as well.


eekareek said...

Whoa. I loved Mullet. I can not believe we didn't see eye to eye on that one. I also threw Lucky a few votes because he didn't tell his family he got on AI and I felt bad because his was by far the worst of the night. I also loved Latino Ben Stiller.

My favs are Blind guy 2.0 (Andrew Garzias), Flem Boy, and Casey even tho Morgan said he wanted to punch him in the face.

My least favs are Diva, Archuletta 2.0, and Wrong Decade.

Landee said...

Eeka, tell me what you loved about him? And you can't say his hair.

PS Morgan hating Casey makes me like Casey more.

PSS So glad you feel me on Archy 2.0. Jenny is a fan. Blech.

marcikay said...

Thank you for using the word "craptastic"..

Gives me the giggles every time..

Jenny ESP said...

Told you Landee. Told you. You were out of touch with the American public on Mullet guy. Number FOUR in the polls. Otherwise, fairly accurate.

PS. I'm not a "fan" of Archy, I'm a sympathizer. And at least I don't have a crush on Mask like you do. Gross.

PPS. I think Mask could be gone tonight, or Eric, instead of Luckyduck.

Jenny ESP said...

Oh, and being a stay-at-home-dad is the equivalent of three-to-ten full-time jobs. Shame on you for insulting our profession.

StandsMom said...

I am also a big fan of the word 'craptastic.' It's awesome. I thought the boys were trying to hard to sound original. Just sing the dang songs already. Pull out the awesomeness (if you can...) later. Right now, I just want to hear their voices. Except that Casey is kinda nice to look at. Although I tried not to watch too closely last night because the Ckara thing was stupid. I thought DBag Diva sounded like a 60-some year old african-american church choir singer lady. Replay it and listen with your eyes closed. Uh huh. Exactly.

ManicMandee said...

I'm not watching Idol this Season on account of the rest of life taking over. :(

So I'm afraid on all your Idol posts I'm just gonna have to sit on the bench and not know what the heck is going on. Sucks for me.

Jana said...

Oh how I love your AI recaps. I agree with you mostly except I like Mullet, and Casey is yuck. He has a double chin that I can't get past.

Landee said...

You gize are all a bunch of mother hens who feel bad Mullet got pushed around by Mary. Had that not happened you'd all be like "Eh." I should have been a psychiatrist.

Kim said...

did you hear him say "i hate you" under his breath to Mary? I still think he's lamerz/awkward tho. Justsayin. That was cool.

Memzy said...

Hate Todrick. Heart little gay boy. Diva made my ears bleed. Ewe Luckyduck. Ewe. Latino Ben Stiller is one of my fave nicknames EVER! Wrong Decade makes vomit rise in the back of my throat. Token Asian guy blew it. Big mike needs to step it up. Mullet!! I'll never get past the hair. Ever. Casey did well. Good song choice. CUT his hair!!!!!! Liked Gokey 2.0. He will be around for while.

I'm absoltely IN LOVE with Flem D.