Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Benefit of Turning Ocho

^^The kid puts on a uniform and he starts acting like this.^^   

But don't worry.  It didn't last too long.

TBone is excited about scouts.  I mean, really excited.  He looks forward to it every week.  Thank goodness he has extremely organized and fun leaders who "understand him."  That always helps.  Now when he shouts out off-topic, borderline obnoxious things at pack meeting he now actually belongs there rather than just being the disruptive little brother of a scout.

On a personal note, it's so nice not having to worry about what to do with him during scouts/YW night.  Beebs always tags along with me but TBone usually wandered the halls of the church to see what everyone else was doing.  I never had any idea where he was at any given time.  I now know.  That's a load off.    PS I also love that Magic Badge stuff.  No sewing.  JBird's badges have held up really well with that stuff too.  Genius.

On another TBone note, he brought home an interesting paper from school.  It was another little fill-in-the-blank type worksheet (my personal faves) called "I Have Plans For The Future!"  Here are his answers in bold:

When I'm in sixth grade, I hope I am smort.
When I'm in high school, I would like to be in a cwiyer.
When I'm 25, I hope I will be maryd.
When I grow up, I would really like to be a casheer.

He's obviously got big plans.  I think they call it shooting for the moon?  Are there places to work that give cashiers benefits?  Just wondering.


eekareek said...

Cashiering is great fun. I have done it before and I would do it again. If he needs references, let me know.

P.S. Way excited for tomorrows AI post. Eeek!

Memzy said...

Did you cut his hair?!!!!

Ahhh. I wish that excitement for scouts stayed!! My kids are so over it. ::sigh::

tbone is adorableness.

Cristin said...

Awww, a fresh new naive. He looks adorable in his outfit though!

ManicMandee said...

Congrats to Tbone. I just barely became converted to Scouts. I thought it was just a pain in the behind our first year or so in there. And I sure wish our Scout leaders would do it at 7 on Wednesdays too! The people in our ward have the nerve to have the Scouts meet @5pm on Wed., the 8 year old girls at 6pm, the 11 year old girls at 6:30, then mutual at 7. Ridiculous!!!

Jenny ESP said...

Ah, cub scouts. The cool uniform. The badges. The belt loops. This is a life-changing moment. Do your best, T! Do. Your. Best. And go easy on those leaders.

Carol said...

That face!!! The first one looks soooo much like you. The others. . . .more like Scotty. And what's this product that secures badges on shirts? Tell me more.