Friday, February 26, 2010

AI: Finally Unloading Four Losers

I could not wait to get this night over with.  Four of these annoying people were going to be gone and out of my life forever.  Yay!  I knew my faves would stay so I popped some popcorn, put up my feet and got ready to say "SO LONG LOSERS!"

But first, an uncomfortable lip synced group number.  Some things to note:
  • DirtyTeeth wasn't feelin' it.  Why doesn't she like cheesy poses and lame choreography?  I don't get her.
  • Flem Dewyze is waaaay shorter than I had imagined.  He's still the adorable rocker.  Just an observation.
  • This was way better than that Hot & Cold number they did with Blindy.  But it made me miss that Hot & Cold number with Blindy.  I can't explain it.  
Oooooooh kay...let's jump right to it. SEE YA, WOULDN'T WANNA BE YA to this vanilla flavored, dimple sporting, unoriginal Nervous Nellie. 


::musical interlude with Troll Doll.  Fuchsia hair with blue highlights. Strange interaction with Ryan::

Then bam! PEACE OUT to this Jordin Sparks fan, typical, minimal exposure getting, ARod from the Block.  She was exuding a distinct "green team" vibe there at the end.  Very angry and very unable to hide it.  Good bye, Ashley.  I won't miss you.


Commercial break.
ADIOS! to the Latino Ben Stiller, non-guitar playing, AI virtual stranger.  I do wish DBagDiva would have gone over LBS but I'm not torn up about it or anything.


Wha?  What's this?  Kris???? EEEEEeeeeeekkkkkk!!  Love him.  He's as adorable as I remember.  I really need him to put out a better 2nd album.  I don't want him to disappear.  Not just yet.  My only complaint is too much footage of him with the kids and not enough upclose shots of his face.  Or biceps.
Aaaaaaand then, LATER GATOR to Mr. WrongDecade, bathrobe wearing, rock star wannabe, American Womanizer.


That wraps up this week's American Idol rundowns.  I'll see you and you next Tuesday night.  Any word on what the "theme" will be next week?  I hope the theme is "Perform A Song with Kris Allen."


Memzy said...

I cannot believe you didn't answer my texts of me drooling over Kris! Can we talk about his thinning hair with lack of hair product? Me no likey.

I was reminded just how much I love to laugh at group performances!! Your boyfriend looked pretty awkward. I lived it!!

Jenny ESP said...

So glad those losers are gone. They were just in the way. I hope you didn't shed too many tears when WrongDecade was booted. I know you were "kinda rooting for him." Ahem.