Friday, February 19, 2010

AI: The Girls As I See It

Let's not mess around with formalities and hop right to it.

Double D
I love her sound and her style.  I had never heard that Kara song (Terrified) before and I instantly loved it when Double D sang it in Hollywood.  I also loved her audition.  Her sob story (SS) is that her BFF died and wanted her to try out for AI so she did.  Ok.  I do love that she was just a waitress and now she's here.  Those peeps that were giving her anywhere from 15-30% had no idea.

What up Denver?!?!  I have a special place in my heart for the Coloradians.  It can't be helped.  And this Coloradian actually has some honest to goodness talent.  I think the stylists could work some wonders on her.  The color of her hair is borderline insane.  But I really love her sound and I think she'll make me proud with her songs.  Not a fan of the treble clef tat on the forearm but I can't have it all.

Dirty Teeth
Do you think she's a heavy coffee drinker?  Smoker?  Tetracycline user?  I don't understand how the teeth have reached this state at such a young age.  There has to be a reason.  I'm guessing she has started her first round of Crest White Strips and this issue will soon be rectified (hate that word, btw).  Between her poofy bangs and dreadlocks the stylists are gonna have their work cut out for them on this one.   Regardless of the state of her teeth and hair, she is the real deal.  Very Indigo Girl-esque.  Her one-man-band impression was spot on.  I also appreciated that in her info she had "musician/mom" as her occupation.  I do NOT appreciate that she got her kid's name tattooed on her back.  Gross.  If my mom had MY name on her back I'd.... I'd.... ::shuddering::  End of discussion.

That's right.  She's so vanilla I can't even think of a decent nickname for her.  She is a tricky one because I like her one minute and hate her the next.  Her rendition of Love Story in her final performance was awful.  But I had enjoyed her before that.  I dunno.  Time will tell with this one.

ToddlerDancer's BFF
I give her credit for trying again & making it to the top 24 this year.  Seeing how terrible ToddlerDancer was last year and realizing she beat you out had to have been painful.  That's pretty much all I can tell you about this one.  I can't remember any of her performances.  She seems nice tho.

Curly Sue
Cute.  Nice.  Good singer.  Doesn't blow me away.  Her sob story is that her dad left her mom and now they're getting divorced.  Welcome to more than 50% of all marriages, eh? Still, I guess that's 100% of her parents' marriages so....  dang.  Now I'm depressed.  Moving on.

I think that's how you pronounce her name.  Her parents should be put in jail for that one.  This is the one Jenny refers to as BushyBrows but I don't see it.  Are those eyebrows bushy?  I've seen bushier.  Just sayin!!   As for her singing, I think she'll be interesting.  She could go either way...totally awful or she could surprise us.  Aren't I going out on a ledge here?

Worst sob story ever!!  "I have a grandma.  And she's old. So....yeah..."  What is that?  She's too young for my taste too.  She's this year's Diana DiGarmo but she won't be able to hack it.  Plus, she has a lot of things against her in this life.  Like an old grandma, for example.

Urban Cowgirl
I've flip flopped on her a couple of times.  She's from CO! Yay!  She's 16. Boo.  Her audition is adorable!  Yay!  Her last song in Hollywood was beyond annoying. Boo.  I have a feeling she's gonna be reeeeeal hit & miss.  Heavy on the miss.

I have nothing to say on the last three girls.  I can't even think of nicknames due to the fact that I either can't remember anything about them or I've literally never seen them before.  I wish them the best of luck though.

Michelle Delamor

Ashley Rodriguez

Paige Miles


Memzy said...

I think Dirty Teeth is actually really cute. If they could just get those yellow creatures under control I can see her being in my own personal top 3.

That Paige girl was the one Simon said " your actually much better than you think you are". It's made me so curious.

eekareek said...

D.T. (Dirty Teeth) also has a missing tooth. It is her canine I believe. No amount of white strips will bring it back but they could do veneers. Time will tell. Hopefully she makes it to makeover week!

StandsMom said...

It's like I've been trapped in the desert without shade. Without water. Without any human contact...since, well, the last AI season. These blog posts are one of those fantastic rain storms that hits while the sun is still shining and I'm not alone anymore. Oh! The joy of it all!!!

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

I agree with Ann--these posts might be just the thing to fill the void I have in my life. I've so missed them!!!
D.T. btw, is straight from Pearl Street in Denver in my opinion. Just give her dreads and bare feet and she can one-man-band it with the other acts there.
I actually have a hard time watching her sing bc of the brown teeth! I hope someone gets to those things as fast as they got to Elliot Yamin's.

Jenny ESP said...

The reason LilacLock's hair is like that is because she's one of those X-men.

DirtyTeeth is the only tight-lipped smiler. Those AI stylists are already on top of the teeth issue. "That's great! Great smile! Now can I get one with no teeth? Nice! You're doing great!"

How do you pronounce Shabown? And maybe her brows aren't so much bushy, as freakishly dark, but "darkbrow" has no ring to it. So it's bushybrow. All I see when I look at her is eyebrow. And I like it.

Landee said...

Michelle Delamor is smiling like how TBone smiles when I tell him to smile for the camera but he's not in the mood. Like "just take it already."

SG, thanks for reminding me about Eliot... so there's precedence to people getting their teeth fixed. The only problem is I don't think he got them fixed until the show was over and he was drowning in the millions of dollhairs he made from his "hit" record.

Carol said...

Hurray--the AI blogs are back. My mosta favorite form of entertainment. UV is all over it already and has now committed to watching so he can digest the posts better. Fun to have you back.

Flem said...

A big fat thank you on this blog.


Every time I read this blog I remember why you are my fave, but the AI posts are particularly special.

I am with you on most of these--I am totally not a fan of Urban cowgirl and haven't liked anything she has done.

This season for me is going to be all about the men, but I will say that my faves are DD and dirty teeth. I think the answer to the teeth problem is drogas. What else would cause that? I also loved her musician/mom descriptor.

My only other comment is how flippantly you dismiss divorce just because everyone does it. Especially because your parents stayed married judger.

How do you know that my propensity to live in a small apartment with four kids and one bathroom is not a DIRECT result of my parent's divorce? Or my eating habits? You don't. So next time you think it isn't sad, think of me grinding whole wheat and ask yourself if this isn't a sob story that should be highlighted.

StandsMom said...

I love dirty teeth, or as I like to call her, bobbisox. I can't wait until her teeth are shiny and clean and I'm very curious to see what the sylists do with her hair. Hmmmm. How do you get dreads, anyway? Is that like from never ever ever washing your hair? And I hope she rocks out some awesome Janis Joplin song. The rest of the girls I have to reserve judgment until I've seen more of them.

Anonymous said...

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