Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude

Things I am grateful for this most fabulous of Thanksgiving days (in no particular order):

  • Edward
  • Gty
  • New tires (it's like I'm driving on air now, srsly, you gize)
  • The good friends who are going to watch our kids whilst we cruise the Caribbean.
  • The baseball scene in Twilight.
  • Diet caffeinated beverages
  • Spell check
  • PedEgg
  • The ability to fall asleep quickly
  • Two funny boys
  • A nice little girl
  • That scene in Twilight when Edward first walks into the cafeteria.
  • A Dad who knows how to make perfect pie crust & has now departed his knowledge to me.
  • Cell phone
  • Blogland (I'm just going to assume it's so slow these days because of the holidays so I don't get too sad)
  • My Laurels
  • Biosilk
  • Costco & Target (it's a toss up)
  • That I get to hang with the Morgan Sisters on Friday
  • The part in Twilight when Edward has his sunglasses on & is walking through the school parking lot.
  • The DVD player in the car.
  • Sonic
  • That I have no desire to hit the Day-After-Thanksgiving "sales."
  • bullet points

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family & friends!!


Cristin said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Love your list! Say Hi to the girls for me :)

quesetescapa said...

You forgot:

Anonymous said...

and you forgot:
::insert bullet point here cuz I don't know how and I can't blame it on having a mac:: your favorite sister

This site is lamerz.

BTW I figgerred out you didn't come to see me and spend T-Day with me and them last minute nstuff. It was to meet cousins 18 times removed by marriage you met on the internet. FACT.

Memzy said...

So, true right Izzy?

But truth be told, Landee, I'm jealous you got to hang out with Izzy. It's been FORliteralEVER that I've seen her.

Can't wait for the post of all your deets and fun. You better have taken pics.

Anonymous said...

What's an Izzy?

Anonymous said...

BTW the Morgans seem Cullen esque. one of them stunk. In the good way.

eekareek said...

You also forgot to so your thankful for the part when Edward came screetching into the parking lot in his Volvo to save Bella in Port Angeles. Sooooooo Hot!

Anonymous said...

^^ attention ho

Carol said...

Ditto on the "thanks for a Dad who taught me how to make perfect pie crust". It's a lost art. congrats on learning. Hope you had a great time. Love you

Katie said...

Ah, yes, bullet points. So organized. My list
* meeting Landee
* Meeting Landee's sister (just saying that out of obligation, 'cause I think she is gonna see this)
It is a short list, but there is nothing more important to me...

Katie said...

How do you make bullet points any who?

Anonymous said...

Katie ekwals deaders in a ditch to me. Cuz I bet she reads this. I say that out of obligation.

Memzy said...

Look how much Anon is showing up? Eh? I say that out of obligation.

Erin Beck said...

Landee Im so excited for you that you finally got to meet me! You are exactly what I pictured you...SKINNY! I love your list and I am thankful for meeting you and getting my new diet pills. Hope you had a super safe trip back.

Erin Beck said...

Is anonymous being funny?

ManicMandee said...

Edwards at the top hu?
So good to have met you in person. And did you see, I put you on my blog list finally. Hint hint...

Jenny ESP said...

You left faux hair and pearls off your list. And that one scene when Edward goes, "I just want to try something. Hold still..." and then he tenderly kisses Bella and then she launches herself at him and she's only wearing panties and then he throws himself against the wall and she's just sitting there in that awkward position.

It was cool meeting that mysterious Anon fellow IRL. Wish we had sat at a round table so we could actually talk/hear each other. Overall, it was a fantasmic weekend! Thanks for the pirated soundtrack, arrgh.