Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Here come the bullet points:

  • Gty is home this week. We went out to lunch today after taking pictures of each other for our Christmas card. We went to Rumbi Grill.
  • The Mahi Platter at Rumbi Grill.
  • This picture of BeeBee: It's the "Living Doll" done to perfection.
  • Individually vacuum packed frozen chicken breasts. They thaw in their own little packages... no nasty chicken juice all over the place. Plus, there's no trying to get these huge clumps of chicken apart. It's all very good.
  • People who flash their brights to warn on coming traffic of a cop. It's so old-school, I love it. I mean, what's in it for them? It's pure selflessness. Or they are cop haters/ex cons. Either way, me no getty a ticket.
  • Making my Christmas cards. Now that I have a plan, I love the execution.
  • That I've gained 3 lbs. in three days doing nothing differently. K, that one is sarcastic. At least if Imma pay the price I'd at least like to be eating well on a vaycay or something.
  • My new chore system. Memzy is just waiting for it to fail. I can almost guarantee it will not. I found a note in TBone's backpack today... a little something written on a folded up post-it note "Deer Jack, I wont mor chors." See? Unrelated side note: I think we need to sign Tbone up for Sylvan (?).
  • Online Christmas shopping. The gifts are arriving at my doorstep daily.
  • The fact that I'll be seeing Twilight at the first possible moment (w/o going to a different time zone, that is) wearing an authentic Forks, WA hoodie. ::keeping expectations low::
  • SpagBol


quesetescapa said...

I heart spagbol.

I love the pic of your littlie.

I am happy you are bubbly.

I don't feel sorry for you and your 2 lbs since you have always been a pretty.

Katie said...

You got me wondering with your spagbol comment, and I rushed to read, but one page in...nothing. And i had a crazy Discovery Health "Freebirth" episode recorded. Not much can compete with that though. Maybe tomorrow I will get the joke...
One thing that makes me happy?: Landee's blog (there are other things that make me happy-and I doesn't make me happy in a creepy stalker sorta way. Just the regular kinda way.)

Erin Beck said...

This has nothing to do with yer blog cuz really I didnt read I just want you to know that I may be in Boise for that turkey day crap and if so, I so hope you have the chance to meet me cuz I am the funniest of the morgan until then..

eekareek said...

She is the funniest if you like the same joke over and over. I.E. "I didn't really read your blog" Yes, Erin, we all heard that one before and it is still not funny.

eekareek said...

BTW, LOVED LOVED LOVED your babies living doll pose. She puts us all to shame.

What is spagol?

Emily said...

I'm SO with you on the frozen chicken breasts. Nothing nastier than handling raw meat.

BeeBee is too cute.

From the looks of some of your recent pictures (Seattle) you could stand to lose a couple pounds.

Memzy said...

You are your bullet points. Living Dolls is GENIUS. How'd you train Beebs to do that? Is that chicken more esspensivo? Cuz I'd like to try some of that but I haven't seen it anywhere. I'm DYING to see what you came up with for Christmas cards. Especially since we both have some new add-ons to the list of recipients this year, yes? I've converted to online shopping. Loverd. Chore Chart.

Landee said...

Did Emily just say I could "stand to lose a couple pounds." Dang. It's worse than I thought.

Katie, SpagBol... get on it already!

That BeeBee Living Doll pic was from the Fall Festival thingy at the kids' school. They took family pics & this is what BB did. Thank goodness we had practiced living doll in the mirror all day that day so she'd get it right.

Flem, 'member how Dope & Iz would say "Yer so pritty" when we did dumb stuff? I think they were on to something.....

Sam, Shel & Co said...

Your BeeBee is a cutie!

I hope even the old farts are on your Christmas card're an honorary Bailey/Morgan now.

Markie23 said...

Oh how I LOVE Rumbi Grill!! I want to try EVERYTHING on their menu, but I can't get past the chicken bowl with extra Bali sauce. I always tell myself that I'll get something different NEXT time.

Jenny said...

Oh how I love online Christmas shopping. No crowds or traffic, just boxes arriving at my door.

So, are you going with Tracy and everyone to Twilight tonight? If so, I'll see you there!

Jenny ESP said...

Beebee's porcelain face is killing me!

Things I love:
Living Dolls.
Soft, official Forks WA hoodie.
Pretending not to read blogs, and leaving nonsensical comments.
Cat vomit.

Katie said...

Things I love:
Jenny's brief appearance on the blogs today.