Saturday, November 1, 2008

Now What?

Thank goodness that is over for another 365 days.

Here is how the Andersons were cruisin' around the neighborhizzy last night.


JBird went as himself, essentially. That's his flag football jersey. We added his pads from when he was a Dallas Cowboy c. 2005, added some real football pants and he was good to go. I think that's the Heisman pose he's doing. Or maybe the "What up Dawg?"


TBone went as the mysterious vampire who apparently believes that if he looks directly into the camera he will die. That makeup did not come off easily, btw.



And da Beebs as the fair haired Snow White. She was so excited to have red lips I cannot even tell you. Not a good sign.


Here was my neighbor's pumpkins. Can you stand it? TDF. I was oohing and aahing over them (as was BeeBee) and then I said "We didn't carve pumpkins this year" and srsly, my neighbor looked like she was gonna cry/try to get custody of my kids.


Here is BeeBee in her "morning costume" for when we went to the gym. Yup. Another princess. She put the ensemble together on her own. She wears this around the house on the regulah so Halloween was no big woop for her... except for the getting & eating tons of candy part, of course.



So, anyway, now we have all this crappy candy around.

What do you gize do with it all?

I've heard of some people letting their kids eat as much as they want on Halloween night and then throwing the rest away. I've heard of some letting their kids have two pieces a day until it's gone. I need some ideas here. In the past we've let them eat however much they want on Halloween night (my kids aren't totally cray-zee candy kids so we've never had someone throwing up or anything) and then have it around for a couple of weeks while they nibble on it and then I eventually throw the rest away.

I'm not sure that's the best method.

If you have a better way, I'd love to hear it.


Carol said...

I could seriously kidnap your kids and add them to my bunch of grandkids. Those costumes are pretty terrific considering Hayyoween is not your favorite. Jbird was totally himself--Tbone would make CharChar proud, and Beebs--Liesl will covet her and ask "is she's one of my girl cousins and can she come over today"?. When Bella and Tasha were her last weekend Liesl cried when they left--she only has boys around here and is truly a girly girl. What? You are Garrent no costuems?

Hot Pants said...

My kids have until Sunday @ noon, to eat whatever they want. Then it's gone. I usually send it with my SIL to take to her office and she puts it in a bowl on her desk and becomes popular for a couple weeks.

Hot Pants said...

BTW, great job w/ the make up.

Katie said...

While your kids are sleeping, you eat all the good candy. Or you could do what my parents did, they just let it be our decision. They seriously just let us have a pillowcase full of candy to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do you think that is where my candy addiction stems?

Memzy said...

My kids get to have it a LOT over the few days following Halloween. Then they sort of forget/lose interest and BAM it's gone. But I actually feel bad throwing it away so I just stash it in the laundry room out of sight. When we went to pull out our trick or treat bags this year they were still weighed down heavily with our candy from last year. Now THAT I threw away.

Oh my Vampire--Char is so jealous.

Jenny ESP said...

We eat all our candy, so as not to be wasteful, kind of like how the Native Americans eat every part of the buffalo. I can't believe you didn't carve pumpkins. I LOVE fresh baked pumpkin seeds, all salty and stuff. My favorite. And squishing the pumpkin guts? SO much fun. Your neighbor's pumpkins had that wow factor. Very impressed. And your kids looked super cute this year.

Emily said...

Cute kiddos!

About the candy: We (Rob and I) pick through it and get all the good stuff. You know, the good chocolate stuff. Then, we throw away anything containing gum. Then, we give them a week to eat what they want and throw the rest away. There isn't usually anything left other than banana laffy taffys and tootsie rolls anyway.

Landee said...

Jenny, thank you for reminding me why I hate pumpkin carving.

Thanks for the idears on the candy. I'm currently eating tons of the good stuff whilst Giggidy & the boys are at the BYU v. CSU game. You can have some if you come over.

PS That is just mountain lion blood coming out of TBone's mouth. Honest.

eekareek said...

Colorado probably isn't as cool as Idaho but here dentist offices will buy back candy. It is only a about dollar/pound but that way your kids won't be sad about their candy because they get money in return. My parent didn't moniter my candy, btw, and I turned out just fine. No diabetes and I still have my teeth.

quesetescapa said...

We do a big sort afterwards and divide it all up- I get rid of about 60% right in front of their faces but they are so burned out on all the candy they are allowed to eat that night that they don't seem to care. We have done this three years in a row btw and the kids LOVE the sort. Then we put it up high and use it as bribery to get dressed, clean up, brush teeth, etc. for the next several days and then one day, like memzy said, BAM it is all gone. And no one cares.

Our neighbors buy it back from their kids for $.

Cute kiddos btw.

Landee said...

Q, what is the big sort? Like, what kind of piles do you create? Who says what stays & what goes? I need deets.