Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Son of a.....gun.

I got this in the mail the other day. I remember the flashing as I went through the intersection, I remember calling Gty right away and telling him that I think I just got a ticket.... and then I forgot about it.

Getting the mail isn't always so fun, people.


Some comments:

  • It's obviously me, I mean, look at the license plate fhs. There's no fighting this in court.
  • That palm tree & moon sticker is a shout out to all my SC friends. What up SC??? Ok, there's really only one of those people and she is currently fighting with the Morgan sisters on Facebook over McCain's little arms and false teeth. She gave me that sticker so I would fit in with the locals there a little bit better. Hollah!
  • I only went because that guy to the right of me was going. He had better of gotten one of these too. How can I check on that?
  • Do I always drive around looking so ticked off?
  • I am so good about wearing my seat belt.
  • This little lapse in judgement cost me $75.00. I coulda gotten you all some really nice presents with that money. And now I can't. Blame the system, you gize.


Memzy said...

Yesiree bob....that is you alright. I'm sorry to be giggling right now but that is funnay.

Jenny said...

I got one of those when I lived in Maryland. I also went because the guy to my right went--a school bus, even! I was very sad to have to part with my $75.

Jenny ESP said...

Somehow I knew your license plate said LANDEE. And that knowing, slightly freaked-out look in your eyes... priceless.

That red light could have been photo shopped, you know. Fight it.

Hot Pants said...

Nice shot. And I totally pictured you as the vanity license plate type.
BTW- I invited your cold-hearted-snake of a friend to be my friend too. Cuz I like cold-hearted-snakes. Hopefully she isn't too cold-hearted.

Carol said...

Tiffers, Show up at court for sure. Here's why. Those who show up (at least in Bako) automatically get the charges reduced. I got one a year ago (and it was a lot more than $75), went to court to ask to have it reduced. Done deal.

eekareek said...

Fight it for sure. Or at least say your going to fight it and keep post poning the court date. You could put that baby off until you move out of state and then you never have to worry about it again.

Memzy said...

Yeah, you definitely look pissed off.

Landee said...

Uh, oopsy. We already sent in the check.

Markie23 said...

Let me know if you decide to go to on-line traffic school, 'cause girl I can hook you up!!

So is there a parallel blogging universe on facebook, and if so do you gize bend the space-time continuum to blog there?

Landee said...

There is no parallel blogging universe on Facebook (usually). But today my "status" was "Landee is wishing McCain woulda done the 'Sad Grandpa' technique earlier." And then my SC friend made fun of his freakishly short arms & fake teeth and WOWZA! you shoulda seen the Morgan sisters defend that cute senior citizen! I was proud of them.

Katie said...

I would fight it and blame it on Ambien. Hey maybe you could get a settlement out of it. I just made you a bazillion dollars...your welcome.
I ran a red light just like that once, the same exact thing. The car to my right started to go, but the straight light had turned green, and I guess he decided to go straight, I turned, and BAM!! CRASH!! BOINGA!! Let's just say it cost me more than $75.

Emily said...

Dang! By the look on your face, I'm guessing you knew your were busted.

danandcami said...

Ohhh I am sooo sorry! Who had the brilliant idea of setting up camersa in the intersection. I guess when they have your photo there is no fighting it huh?

quesetescapa said...

Can someone explain to me how you "fight a ticket" when you are clearly guilty?

This reminds me to pay my speeding ticky in NC--can you get in trouble for not paying those?