Friday, November 14, 2008

FFF Bonus: Milly's Birthday!

Today is my MIL's birthday people! I think she checks my blog about twice a month so ::crossing fingers:: hopefully it will be today!

In honor of Milly (that's her code name... get it? MIL-ly? Get it?) I've decided to do a dedicatory post to her. This is partially for posterity & partially for kicks because she is one funny lady. Literally one of my favorite people ever.


Things I love about Milly:

  • She is so much fun to talk to. She could literally sit and talk to anyone for hours. And we do.
  • She is the ultimate worrier. She worries about stuff constantly. She worries about stuff that I probably SHOULD worry about but don't-- like my kids getting carbon monoxide poisoning because I turn the car on in the garage (with the door open, mind you) and then run back in and get my scriptures for church. She worries about it because she read in the newspaper a few years ago about someone dying that way. Steel trap mind, that one.
  • She is so thoughtful. Every couple of months we'll get a package in the mail from Grandma Milly with seasonal stuff for the kids & newspaper clippings she cut out and thought we might be interested in. This tells us that she is always thinking about us which is awesome.
  • Her favorite sayings are "Oh SPARE ME!" and "whatEVER" (emphasis on the ever).
  • She either will say she's going to bed and then not go to bed for another 4 hours while we all stay up and chat, or all of a sudden at 10pm I'm like "Where is Milly?" and she'll be in her bed, all the lights on, dead asleep.
  • She laughs at my jokes... even the off color ones.
  • She LOVES to read. She is constantly reading multiple books at a time. I love reading a book she has already read & then talking to her about it (see first point).
  • She has NEVER pressured/guilt tripped us to come out and visit.
  • They have always make the time to come & visit us a couple of times a year no matter where we have lived.



Favorite Milly Stories:

  • Gty tells a story about when he was playing baseball as a youngster. It was cold outside so his mom was watching the game from her car (a Ford Ranchero if I'm not mistaken). Well, Gty gets a good hit & is running the bases & his mom started honking her horn as a way to celebrate. Needless to say, Gty was uber embarassed.
  • Milly put a frozen loaf of bread in the microwave to defrost it with the twist tie thingy still on it. After a second the twist tie thingy started sparking. Phil (my FIL... get it? FIL?) was like "Uh, Mil, the bread is catching on fire" And Milly said all casual "Oh, it always does that."
  • When Gty was growing up he had no idea what the big deal was with the Sports Illlustrated swimming suit issue..... because before he got home from school Milly would have already ripped out all the bikinis. She'd leave one one-piece picture though so that was nice.
  • When Phil was stake president, he obviously had a lot of meetings to go to. One time we were there visiting and Milly wanted him to just skip his meeting because they had family in town. Phil insisted he needed to go. As he was walking out he looked at Milly and she just gave him the bird. It was awesome.



  • She was ahead of her time on the drinking of Diet Coke. When the little neighborhood kids would come over she would hide it down in the sink and drink it when they weren't looking. I still don't know if this was so they wouldn't go home & tell their moms Sister Milly was drinking Diet Coke or she just didn't want to share.
  • Speaking of Diet Coke, I have this vivid image in my mind of Milly walking in to the house with two cases of Diet Coke in her hands..... she lifted them up and said "I'm trying to quit!"
  • A few weeks ago, Gty was at their house. He had some extra stuff he needed to bring home on the airplane so he asked his mom if she had an extra duffle bag he could borrow. Milly said.... "I don't think so." Gty "Well, I was just down in the storage room and I saw a duffle bag on the floor but it looks like there is some stuff in it." So they go down to have a looksee aaaaaand .... it was a duffle bag full of duffle bags.


So there you have it. Some Milly stories for you gize. I feel bad for anyone who doesn't know her personally. I've told Gty a few times that if he ever divorced me, I would fight to get his family in the settlement.

Thanks for all you do for us Milly . . . I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

I love you!



Jenny ESP said...

You are so lucky! You have convinced me that Mary, I mean, Milly is the coolest MIL ever. She had me at The Bird. You know how many times I have wanted to flip off Anthony but didn't have the guts? And her duffel bag full of duffel bags is ingenious!

Memzy said...

Yes, yes, I've always loved Milly, even before I met her irl. She is the PERF mother in law for you and I sorta wish I had her as my own.

Memzy said...

Btw, the Diet Coke story made me lollerz.

quesetescapa said...

Well you deserve it but I have been jealous for many moons on that issue. And I don't just "sorta" wish but then again chances of my ILs floating around your blogpad are nil to none.

Chrissi said...

Great one Tiff, I think you are officially the first one in the family to write a Happy Birthday letter to mom for her 60th b-day (2 years ago). I love that you love her. Glad you are a SIL.

ManicMandee said...

So do tell why you were in the same kitchen as Ryan Shupe please. Happy birthday to a cool Milly!

Carol said...

Tiffers, What a beautiful tribute to your MIL. She's also one lucky lady to have you as her DIL (that stands for daughter-in-laugh, not Dill weed as we used to call dorks in high school. you know, "he's such a dill weed"). I guess SHE is why Garrett is the way HE is. You lucked out big time. Happy Birthday to Milly and I will continue to strive to be like her.

Landee said...

Dillweed needs to make a comeback.... that's my new word. From now on, everyone is a dillweed unless proven otherwise. It kinda reminds me of dorkwad which is another beautiful word.

Kylee said...

Can I say how much this makes me miss her!? She is so awesome and I miss watching all of our shows together every week. She was one of my best friends in Logan. Totally sympathetic to my house being the boys pad for 3 years!

Katie said...

I was going to leave a comment about the bird and the duffel bag full of duffel bags, but both were taken in the first comment. Wow Jenny, you and I are hereby proven to not be a dorkwad or a dillweed.

Milly said...

This is Milly signing in for the first time. That is the neatest tribute. Thank you so much. I need to do a tribute back because there are so many things that I love and admire about you. That made my day.

Memzy said...

"jagbag" is also a REALLY good word.

RLN said...

I think Milly got the best "Deal" or should we say "DIL". She has the best DIL ever! You are so sweet to post such a fun tribute. Loves! Shell