Thursday, November 13, 2008


Here are some random things I feel worth mentioning at this time:

  • We ended up raking & bagging & dragging out to the curb 9 bags of leaves. "Operation Leaves Blow Into the Neighbor's Yard" didn't work out as well as we'd hoped. Dang fences in the backyard.
  • After 2 1/2 years of being in this house I now know exactly what light switches turn on what set of lights. Um, yes, this IS a big deal. We have this one place where there are six light switches all in a row. The last two are for a ceiling fan that isn't there... it took me a good year to stop trying those switches. So yeah, we're home.
  • Last night, while JBird had basketball practice, I didn't feel like 1) keeping track of Beebs & Tbone at the practice place or 2) driving all the way home just to come back and get JBird an hour later. So we went to a McDonald's Playland close to where JBird was practicing. We had already had dinner so the kids didn't want anything. Not wanting to be rude by just using the playland I asked the acne-faced teenager (I know that's cliche but it was for realz) at the register for a large drink as it had one of those self-serve drink stations. He then asked "Is this for here or to go?" Really? For a drink? Ok, I said "To go" and then proceeded to sit down & drink it.
  • Gty is doing Weight Watchers "Online for Men." It's hilarious. The man is now obsessed with points. He's lost a goodly amount of weight on it so the points obsession is going to continue. The problem is, now MY life revolves around points. He'll come in at, like, 4pm and go "K, babe, you got 13 points for dinner...." and I'll be like "Um no. YOU have 13 points, I have 100 points."
  • I keep thinking my dog is dying. I felt an wierd lump on her neck a few weeks ago. I immediately think it's cancer. I haven't taken her in to get it checked so I still think it's cancer. Last night, she was pacing all over the place. She'd lie down for a minute, then get up, go 2 feet over, lie down again... etc. like she couldn't get comfy. I started thinking she was gonna die any second. Like this was how dogs acted when they were about to die & then I got sad. She didn't die though.
  • My inactive sister is now dating an inactive guy for the first time in her life. I forsee in her future a calling as RS Pres. This is it, people, I can feel it. Aside from the fact that they are gettin' premarital, that is.
  • Gty & I had a running man "Dance Off" at some friends' house on Saturday night. When he saw I was kicking his butt he pulled out the big guns and did the worm. I just let him have it. It wasn't worth doing my worm on those hardwood floors and my Roger Rabbit just can't compete.
  • I think our mouse count is up to 22 now.


Markie23 said...

I am curious about this Weight Watchers for Men thing. I could sure stand to lose a little weight... ok, a LOT of weight... but I am wondering what 13 points for dinner tastes like. It doesn't sound very appetizing to me. I also picture myself in a dark alley slipping cash to a seedy looking character who then gives me 50 more points. Cherie would soon find I have pawned our wedding rings for 250 points. I would be stashing points under mattresses and in crawl spaces. Yeah, I just don't this plan is for me.

Jenny ESP said...

Keep us updated on "Operation Activation," including details on all the premarital stuff. Wait, did she actually metastasize or is she just inactive? There's a difference. It's the difference between a lump and a cancerous tumor.

Memzy said...

Wha? I need an email pronto on details of Izzy. Cuz she reads this right? I would love to hang out with Gty right now and we could talk points. I have it memorized since my doing it after birthing the Char. Tell him I said, "how many bonus points do you have left today?". Whycome you don't just take Maggie in to the vet? At least then you'd know how much "time" you have. Sooper sorry. I knew my dream about the dance off was for a reason. I'm gifted.

Landee said...

Memz, wow. That totally is a gift to have a dream about a dance off AFTER I told you about mine & Gty's dance off. You should get tested for ESPN or something.

Markie, Gty had a friend who was as big as ever about a year ago when they first moved here to CO and then we saw them at the New Mexico v. BYU game and he looked like a freaking skeleton! Needless to say Gty was inspired. You could totally do it. It's like a game now. He likes putting in his points & seeing how good he can eat while still staying below his points. And it's all online... no going to those weekly meetings to say "Hi, I'm Markie, and I'm trying to lose weight."

Jenny, she has been inactive since about 16 yo. She has had no hard feelings toward the church but just liked to drink and have relations with strange men. Now she's clean & sober and just having relations with another inactive..... is that metastasized or lumpy?

Hot Pants said...

I had all kinds of thoughts going on in my head while I was reading this, until I got to the part about the 22 mouse I got nothin.

Landee said...

HotPants, you need to get over it. They are all God's creatures. That's why we kill 'em real quick like with a super humane trap.

Hot Pants said...

Did you just tell me to get over it? Cuz I'm not the one who keeps giving everyone updates about their rodent infestations. If it didn't bother you, you wouldn't even be mentioning it. (But, please don't stop the updates, cuz I am waiting for you to get to my magic number, 27)

Landee said...

Yeah, "Get over it" like, don't have a brain fart at the mere mention of 22 mice! I mean, I still continue to think coherently and it's MY house... so I've gotten over it and in the true sense of free agency I'm demanding you do the same.

PLUS I wanna hear all your other thoughts.

Hot Pants said...

Now I'm just too offended to comment. I think I'm going to delete my blog too.

Memzy said...

Oh whatever Landee, this is just like the time you claimed the "Jacob imprinted on Bella's ovaries" for your own and I wan't there to defend myself. I totally came up with the dance off on my own. I mean, the running man and me are, like, TIGHT.

Katie said...

That is very informative. You know ::all reflectively:: The very first blog post of yours I read was about the dog food pile the mice had created. I was hooked, what can I say.
I once had a cat with a lump on its neck. The vet said it was from vaccinations she had as a kitten. It came on suddenly. We had it removed, but it grew back and eventually she did die from it, but i am sure your dogs is just a hairball? The vet said it is common.
I wonder where you are and who you are with when you do a dance off. I keep hoping for that. I practice every day in hopes that someday it might come up and I can be all timid and be like, "Who me? I guess I'll give it a try." Then break out all my best moves. I just don't want Memzy there. After her dancing video, I feel less confident.

Landee said...

::sighed appreciatively::

::bawled my eyes out::

::remembered the dance off & smiled::

Thanks for the emotional roller coaster Katie.

The dance off was completely spontaneous, like how it is in movies. We were over at some friends' house playing games with about 15-20 people. He claimed he could rawk the running man like no other... I begged to differ. We both stood up.... and so it began.

Magic I tell ya.

quesetescapa said...

I love weight watchers too. My current plan is to just eliminate white food products. And chocolate.

I laughed aloud at the part where you get 100 points for dinner. My problem is that I could have like 15 points left for dinner but then I would always want to eat again after bed and we know from the debate last year how bad that is...

Hot Pants said...

Ok Landee, I have decided to forgive you and start talking to you again. I bet these last 10 hours were hard on you. You probably weren't able to sleep a wink. Sorry I had to put you through that.

Annie said...

How could I get my husband on this "Weight Watchers For Men" program? Not that I think he needs to lose weight or anything.

I'm lucky he only stalks my friends blogs not there comments. I think???

Our Family said...

FYI--I was there for the dance off and I'm telling you...Landee still won even after Gty's worm. She was workin the running man in a way that no one has ever seen! I did feel sorta sorry for Gty's red chin from doing the worm on a hard-wood floor though.
Good news though: Your dog is going to live. Member when my dog had a cancer bump? It could be a bot that hasn't hatched.