Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dr. Crentist, DDS

First, would you rather have continuously wet socks or underwear for a month? Go.

Second, I might be getting arrested for child abuse here soon. JBird has been complaining of his tooth hurting for a couple of weeks. He'd cry & I'd be like "It's probably just some popcorn stuck between your teeth. Go floss and then get in bed." It always seemed to amazingly start hurting when he was tired/didn't want to do something/didn't want to eat something so I was SOOOO on to him.

Sunday night he complained again. This time he had full fledged tears & they didn't stop. Giggity laid JBird down on the couch, got out a flashlight and.... wha?? The freakin' biggest cavity I've ever seen. Srsly. I wanted to cry. He had one huge black hole right in the middle of two molars.

::shaking fist in air:: Curse me for not taking my kids to the dentist for two years!!!

So I call this pediatric dentist that I had seen near our pediatrician's office on Sunday night and leave a message. They call me back first thing Monday morning and get him in at 3pm yesterday. A tooth cleaning, x-rays, two silver caps and $1100.00 later we're all set.

::shaking fist in air:: Curse you Giggity for being self-employed and not getting dental cuz you didn't think it'd be worth the money!

But here's the weird part. I'm sitting there while JBird is getting his cleaning & stuff and the dentist comes in (a really nice lady) and goes "Hi, I'm Dr. Crentist. I just wanted to meet you... my mom is the lady out at the front desk and she said you're really funny."

I promise you, I said nothing funny to this woman. I explained JBird's situation. I made my appointment. I came in for the appointment. I filled out paperwork.

It's a little disconcerting to be thought of as funny when you're not doing it on purpose. I mean, it's borderline rude. Like, maybe she's laughing AT me rather than with me. I dunno. I'll need to ponder this some more.

Long story short, JBird goes back on Monday for some more fillings on the other side.

::shaking fist in air:: Curse you JBird for hating to brush your teeth!

And Tbone will also be going in for a check-up/cleaning/probably 7-10 fillings cuz he loves candy and also hates brushing his teeth.

::shaking fist towards California:: Curse you Queso for thinking to yourself right now "Hmm, hating to brush your teeth is genetic, huh?" !!!!!


quesetescapa said...

Normally I would jump at the chance to mock you but I have recently discovered that I hate making my kids brush their teeth which is ALMOST the same thing is hating to brush your own.

Also I have discovered that it is genetic to even have cavities, regardless of how much you brush your teeth. Take that crentista.

Katie said...

Wet undies-for sure. I've grown accustom. I also have a self employed husband that doesn't see the value of dental insurance. I am sitting her typing with at least 5 visible cavities. The last time I waddled into the dentist they saw them, and said they didn't want to fill them until I gave birth. I never went back. you see, I have this genetic condition that makes me love candy and hate brushing my teeth. Very rare.

Cristin said...

I'm feelin your pain...::shaking fist at sky for hubby being a contractor and not being able to afford dental insurance::

Jenny ESP said...

Wet undies. I had wet undies on our trip when I peed my pants a little and I simply folded up some toilet paper and placed it between the wetness and me. Simple fix. Could you fold toilet paper into your socks? Yeah, no.

You emanate funniness. That's all. And we have the best dental insurance our plan offers and we still pay out the yingyang, so don't fret about your lack of dental insurance. My kid that brushes his teeth religiously gets cavities and the one who only swishes mouthwash so it smells like he brushed has the whitest most cavity free teeth ever.

Oh, and try the Oral-B Pulsar. It'll bring some enjoyment to your brushing.

Landee said...

JESP! Was your peeing from a cough or from a laugh? From a cough=grody. From a laugh=totally normal/expected.

I'd choose wet undies too because my feet wrinkle up sooooo bad that they would hurt to walk on. Even worse than that crack in Sara's heel.

Memzy said...

For sure wet undies. The socks thing just makes me feel like I'm gonna get a cold or something.

I am feeling your pain (Char=8 cavities, Cracker=4). That appointment hasn't happened yet. It will in a couple of weeks. I'm making Shed go with me. And I am absolutely convinced that it is a genetic thing. Brains is 10 and has never had a SINGLE cavity. Teeth can really BITE. < get it? bite?

Landee said...

Ycome are you making Shed go with you? Are you thinking you'll need help holding Char down?

Emily said...

Don't even get me started on the dentist...

Ren complained about having a tooth ache a month ago, so I took him in. They said he needed a root canal. We don't have dental insurance, so we were looking at over $1,000. Needless to say, he still hasn't had that root canal. Now THAT'S a bad mom! It's hard to justify paying for a root canal when they are going to just lose that tooth soon, ya know?

Landee said...

They recommended a root canal on a baby tooth??? I'm pretty sure that's criminal.

Markie23 said...

Funny is a dentist named Crentist.
I used to have a dentist named Gassaway... as in "crank up the nitrous oxide and gas away!".

Carol said...

Tiffers, So sorry to hear about Jbirds teeth situation. Kids can be so dang expensive--good thing he's cute. And for sure you are just plain funny, in a good way. You can't help it any more than Scott, Nathan or David can. I take that back--David is only mildly funny and only when around you or Nathan or Scott, ---or Garrett. It's a gift--accept it.

Hot Pants said...

I was thinking if my last name was Crentist, I would insist all my kids became Dentists. Just like if our last name was Tynocologist, they would all have to be gynecologists.

Hot Pants said...

And I have dental insurance also, and have never left that office paying less than $400.

Memzy said...

For emotional support/holding Char down. I've had too many nightmare experiences for my own teeth and it all comes rushing back. ::shiver::

Our Family said...

Wow--I'm loving this would you rather stuff.
Wet underwear just cuz there's stuff for that kind of problem and there's nothing for wet socks. But hey! There's a good invention for ya...step in something wet and just apply a foot-disposable-pad on. Perfect.
Poor JBird! Good job on the laying him down on the couch to get a good look. I didn't even know you could visibly see a cavity! I thought only Crentists could see them with their special magnifying/240 watt instrument.
I always try to go out of my way to meet people that I hear are funny too...she sounds like a smart woman.