Monday, March 1, 2010

No More Candy?!??!

JBird is a fan of money.  He's not obsessed or anything, but he does enjoy a good dollar just like anyone else.  Anyway, a friend of his did a thing where she didn't eat candy or treats for a year and got $100.  JBird's ears perked up and he proposed the idea to us.  We readily agreed.  In private told each other we'd gladly pay him $1000 but don't tell him that.  I'm not sure he realizes how hard this is going to be.

We did make a couple of exceptions.  1) If someone brings in a treat for their birthdays at school he can have ONE and 2) if his teachers bring something for the class at church he can have ONE.  I guess we figured once in a while wouldn't hurt and it might even keep him going for the long haul.   We also told him he only had to go to Christmas.  It would be too sad to have him not eat any of my nummy treats at Christmas.  He will still need to get through Easter and the horrendous Halloween though so he will need to exercise a considerable amount of self-control.

So it starts today.   He's excited about it.
Good luck JBird!

Is this something you would ever even CONSIDER doing?  Me either.


Hot Pants said...

I'll do it with him. For some reason I have no problem not eating candy. A good cookie though, can't control myself. Good luck JBird!

Jenny ESP said...

Does he realize that a hundred dollars doesn't get you much these days? The poor kid won't even have enough to buy 2011's DSi.

Landee said...

It's no candy, cookies, cake, or anything like that. Not even Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit Snacks.

He can have Fiber One Bars tho. Cuz Bob says they're good.

And we'll probably give him a bonus cuz just thinking about this makes me get the shakes.

eekareek said...

I agree with Amy. I would much rather have nachos than candy and sweets with the exception of Marie Calendar pies. Good luck JBird.

Markie23 said...

Are you taking bets? No candy... MAYBE a month, but no cookies, cake, or anything like that?? I give him a week and a half tops.

Memzy said...

There. Is. No. Way.

If he does it I'll give him $100 myself. It's a cool idea tho. You've gotta give him props for that!

Denver Sims said...

Aw hellllll no! I could. not. do. it.

Brilliant of him to earn some moola trying to be healthier. =]

It was great to see you guys at Cafe Rio! Let's bump into each other again soon! If just getting together isn't inspiration enough, the thought of Cafe Rio may just bring us together!

Glo said...

i think you probably spend well over 100 bucks a year on candy for him...if he only knew what a terrible deal this was

Cristin said...

WHAT THE ???? I don't understand? no candy=does not compute. ::trying to imagine life with no swedish fish or sour patch kids::....::crying just thinking about it::

Good luck tho.