Friday, October 31, 2008

Fave Foto Friday: The Ghosts of Halloweens Past-- EDIT

I admit it. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. I don't like the decor. I don't like the premise. I don't like that the end result is I've just spent a bunch of money on costumes & then what you get is a bumload of candy. It just doesn't sit well with me. I keep hoping the First Presidency comes out with some kind of statement... I know, I'm shooting for the stars there.

Anyway, for FFF I thought I'd post some pics of past Halloweens. You know, so maybe I'd get into the spirit a bit.


I found/scanned in some more you gize.

Halloween 1996


Our first Halloween as a married couple (aaaaawwwww.. cute!). I know. I believe we're trying to look like our pumpkins. I hope that's what we're doing anyway.

Halloween 2000


Red jammmies+Devil horns & pitchfork from Old Navy = costume

Halloween 2001


Somebody was not excited about being the puppy/mouse/bunny. He was probaby like "clean the freaking fireplace you gize" too. What is with that?

***end EDIT***

Halloween 2002

No, you're not seeing things. That is Brains & Boogs Shederton. They came out to visit over Halloween when we were living in Ohio. Yay! Good times. Srsly.

Halloween 2003


Red Power Ranger and... a mouse.. no wait, a puppy... no a bunny.... w/e it was it was cute. And that is so not my goose dressed up as a jack-o-lantern, in case you were wondering. Who DOES that?

Halloween 2004


Please note the repeat of costumes. A) I don't like Halloween anyway and B) we had srsly JUST moved to South Carolina. If you could see into the house you would see piles of unopened boxes. The last thing on my mind that year was costumes. I think you'd be surprised at how non-breathable that Red Ranger suit was in the SC humidity. Or maybe you wouldn't be that surprised I guess.

Halloween 2005


If you don't know what they are then yer dumb. Hint: sports

Halloween 2006


Anakin, Yoda & Princess Leia. Yes, yes, I KNOW it would be impossible for Anakin to be holding his daughter as ANAKIN cuz he was already Darth Vader when she was born, but c'mon you gize. It's Halloween. Here's a close up of Beeb's awesome wig my SIL's mom helped me make. I hearted it, you gize.


Halloween 2007


A boxer, Mudkip (a Pokemon) and a bumblebee.

So there we have it. I'm still not in the spookiest of moods but this did help a little. This year we've got ourselves a football player (yes, again), a vampire (not in the Edward way, in the traditional way-- lamerz!), and Snow White. A blonde Snow White.

Happy Halloween to you. May your pillowcases be too heavy to get home tonight!


Memzy said...

You just brought a little tear with that first picture. ::sniff::

quesetescapa said...

I used to hate halloween but now I associate it with soup and bread so it has become my fave. Look forward to your new pics soon.

Sox said...

I feel the way you do about Halloween. I do like getting to dress up my kiddos really cute for one day (read week) because they are too little to object.

Both the boys' costumes this year are a repeat. And when I get around to posting the pictures I am taking today you will see that I totally reused old costumes.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I believe in costume repeats...just don't have another kid to repeat it on. However, some little girl in the ward usually has last years.

You got some cute kids there.

Landee said...

Q, I love the FALL... the decor, soup, bread, colors, etc... I'm not a fan of Halloween. I'm going to start spreading around that I heard a quote from an apostle saying it was the debbil's holiday.

M, I know, right? Widdle munchkins.

Sox, I'm excited to see what your boys will be.

ManicMandee said...

Princess Leia totally wins the cutest prize! Love it.

Emily said...

Ahhh. How cute. I LOVE Bee Bee's little Princess Leia costume!!

Emily said...

Oh, and DITTO about your Halloween distaste!

Hot Pants said...

I love Halloween. It's like a kickoff party to all the holiday crap coming up ahead. Now we have 3-4 till Thanksgiving, and 3-4 till Christmas. wait, now I'm feeling stressed.

Landee said...

I made BeeBee's Leia dress out of a pillowcase, btw. I don't know what got into me that year.

Also, my LEAST fave part of Halloween is carving pumpkins. So we're not doing it this years. Srsly. NO PUMPKIN CARVING. Call CPS.

Carol said...

LOVED every single picture. (I am addicted to fotos) Thanks so much for making me laugh, again.

Annie said...

How many places have you lived and drug those little tricker-treaters with ya? Ohio, S.C. wha? Happy Halloween.

Memzy said...

She's really a globe trotter and stuff.

Landee said...

Let's see... JBird was borned in Indiana. Then we moved to Albany NY, then we moved to Toledo OH, then we moved to Aiken SC and now we are here.

Not really globetrotters, but statetrotters. We have to keep moving around onnacuzza the witness protection program has some holes in it, if youknowwhati'msayin.

Memzy said...

I sooo remember that kitchen in your first-married apartamente. Didn't Shed sleep on the couch one night there while we were engaged?

Landee said...

Funny you should mention that Memzy.... heehee...

I mean, the scanner was already up and running soooo...

Anonymous said...

Is that really G$?

Jenny ESP said...

I'm so behind! I was savoring your blog for last. I LOVE Halloween. If Halloween's wrong, I don't want to be right. All those happy childhood memories? How could you not love Halloween? Dead inside? I love the gray mouse/dog/rat/Eeyore/bunny/goblin/beaver costume.

Also, LOVE the vintage scrapbooking page. They won't have those in the future. Glad you went digital.