Friday, August 21, 2009

The Cutest Day of My Life

MyPastSelf: You know, I think I just want boys.

MyPresentSelf: {{smacking MyPastSelf across the face}} You idiot!

Look at what I would have missed out on! Beebee's FIRST DAY OF DANCE CLASS!!

I cannot adequately describe the sheer delight I had on Monday as my girlie got all dressed up for Level 1 Ballet/Tap. I was literally giddy. And ready to go, like, 1/2 hour early.

And look who is in her same class! Her best frenemy, Miss SassyPants!

When reading through the dance studio's material, I was a little bugged to find a little snippet about "required dance attire" for this particular class. Beebs HAD to have 1) a pink leotard 2) a pink skirt or tutu 3) pink tights 4) ballet shoes 5)tap shoes. I understand the shoes, but the rest? Srsly?

It wasn't until we got there that I realized the was for the cuteness factor! I mean, look at all the pink leotards and skirts/tutus!!!!! It was overwhelming for a first time "dance mom" such as myself. I may have run right out to TJMaxx after this and gotten 3 more outfits. K, I for sure did. Plus a dance bag. Had to.

Beebee didn't want to miss a word Miss Misty was saying.

In the studio: proper stretching is a must for those 20 inch legs.

They came out of the studio half way through class and changed into their ::gasp:: tap shoes!! Beebs' face in the reflection below says it all. Pure joy.

Did she like it? This is what happened when she realized that when she came out the 2nd time it was not for another shoe change but because it was time to go home.

And this is what happened 5 minutes after arriving at said home.

The next morning I was awakened by a little 3 yo. girl who had gotten up, put on her own dance outfit and was by my bedside asking when we were going to dance class.

Do you think SYTYCD will run for at least another 15 years or so? I am seeing myself in the audience crying after a particularly poignant piece Mia Michaels choreographed for Beebee and holding up a sign saying "BEEBS IS AMERICA'S FAVORITE DANCER!" in glitter and stuff.

I dunno.

I see it.


ShelBailey said...

Are you regularly blogging at 4 am? I'm not sleeping either. Not that I don't WANT to, btw.

And that kid is too cute for words. We tried the dance thing, but the Megster was seriously clingy and they wouldn't let me leave her if she was going to scream about it. So, no dance lessons for us....

I'd totally vote for Beebs on SYTYCD.

Jenny said...


Memzy said...

Sometimes being a parent totally pays off! Btw, I'm picturing you laugh/crying as you watch. Am I right?

Markie23 said...

Loving the gratuitous pics! Did you scream like Mary Murphy? I think this girl can dance. Can't wait 'til she meets Cat Deeley.

Jonesy said...

There is nothing like watching your baby girl dance. (Although watching my only boy hit a baseball is tear-worthy also) But I do think I am the only mom I know that bawls like a baby through cheer competitions. Their big cheesy smiles and curly ponies right on top of their heads . . . it's just too much !

Landee said...

Jonesy! Nice to see you again! Where the ayche have you been?

Yes, there was some laugh/crying involved but I had to keep it under wraps cuz Standsmom was there. I stuffed it deep inside & then barfed when I got home.

I didn't scream like Mary Murphy cuz Beebee's "lines were all wrong" and her "frame kept collapsing." She has to earn the scream.

Shel, ha! No... I scheduled that post to post at 4am. I had typed it all up yesterday but didn't want it to post until today for whatever reason. Not sure why I picked 4am. It just sounded fun, I guess?

Carol said...

Loved that you actually put "Beebs" on her name tag. She is the utimate in girly-girl-girly and will bring you years of joy. Use those years of joy to help you through years 13-16ish. Then you should be fine. Actually, I never had tough years with my girls. She's a little doll and you are lucky to have her.

Annalisa said...

Can't believe you weren't excited to buy the pink tutu! I mean years of sports garb and finally something cute to purchase. Pictures make it all worth it. I think she got dancers legs... not too thick:)

Glo said...

I am loving this, little girls and dressing little girls is like the funnest thing about kids i think---but i guess i wont know for sure for about 5 years

Landee said...

FIVE years Gloria?? FIVE??? Nooooooooooo!!!!! I wanna meet the world's most laid back baby waaay sooner than that. Hurry up, as a matter of fact.

And I WAS excited to purchase all the dance paraphernalia...I was just bugged they were so specific with the colors. I was wondering why that was even an issue. And then I found out. Soooooo cute.

Aunt Lola, yes 13-16 will be the weird years. They might be bad cuz she's a brat but they will for SURE be awkward! There is no getting around that. How do you release control of the hair and let them do it themselves? I have nightmares about it.

Kelli said...

I vividly remember talking to past self about wanting only boys. 5 of them, if I remember correctly!

eekareek said...

That is so fun. I can't wait until I do that crap with Wini.

Jenny ESP said...

You know, I think I just want boys. But that one picture of her marching by the mirror is freakishly cute!!! Eeeek!

marcikay said...

did it kinda make you teary??

this stuff always did me..

Denver Sims said...

Ohmygosh! She is the most darling ballerina ever!! =]

Okay, time to blog. Some of us are having Landee withdrawals.

amanda said...

You struck a cord with me on this one! Way too cute.

Say Anything said...

This is one of those moments that I am THRILLED to say "I told you so!" Fair enough? Go Brynnie!