Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Asked, Now Landee Answers!

Thank you for writing in your deepest burning questions* to "Dear Landee." Before I get to posting the final day of Denver Reunion 2009, I shall proceed to answer....

Q: Where did everyone sleep during the reunion? PS You're a saint for putting this on. I admire the heck outta you.

A: Aw shucks, you're too kind. The sleeping arrangements actually turned out quite nicely. My parents stayed here in our guest room. My oldest bro, Dave, has six kids. They thought it would be best to just get a hotel as a) they are aware they have 6 kids and b) Dave is allergic to dogs. He can hang out in a house that has dogs for a while but wasn't too sure about sleeping there. Kim & fiance didn't come, as I explained, but if she had she was planning on getting a hotel as well as I cannot allow non-married couples to sleep in my home. (snicker) What would the kids say? Scott & Mignon and their 4 kids did stay here. S&M had the bunkbeds and their two boys slept on that floor. Their two girls slept in Beebee's bed. All my kids slept on our floor and loved it. Kip & Blondee stayed at Blondee's parents' house which is about 15 minutes away. It worked out perfectly! Our house was the "hub" of activity and then at night everyone went to their assigned places.

Q: Hosting your sibs is right up your alley btw. Can we get links to their blogs so we can read about it from the visitor perspective? PS Yours is my favorite blog, of course, but I'd love to see theirs too!

A: Sadly they have no blogs. Some are technologically retarded. Others don't want their identity stolen and others are too lazy. Being the family blogger 'tis a burden I have to bear.

Q: August 5th!!!! Seriously!!! That is way too early to go back to school!!! Is it year round or something? PS You are the prettiest person on Blogspot.

A: Not year-round, no. But it's called "modified traditional." We have a two week fall break and a two week spring break in addition to the usual days off. I would have loved an August 10 start date but Aug. 5th killed me.

Q: And how did your house fare? Any broken windows (Bil's house circa 1970 something) or food fights (Jim's house circa 1970 something)? PS You're my favorite niece. And if you were my daughter, you'd be my favorite daughter.

A: The house actually held up quite well! I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. We were always out & about doing things and when we were here the kids were "bonding" over video games (Wii) or watching movies at night. Plus, they are really good kids. No spazzes in the bunch.

Q: How much can you possibly fit into ONE day? Were there no naps involved for little ones? PS I want to come & visit ASAP.

A: Come any time you want! We'd love to have you! As for the answer, we could fit A LOT into one day. We only had three days, mind you. And I wanted it to be memorable. As for the naps, we don't really have any nap takers in the family right now. Kip's baby is only 3 mos. and she caught some shut-eye when she could and prefers sleeping in her mom's arms anyway. So it worked out great. Some toddlers dozed off during car rides from one place to another if needed.

Q: No Kimmie?? What kind of "family reunion" is this? PS These pictures make me want to move to Denver & live by you. That would make my life complete.

A: It was still an awesome reunion without Kimi, but not as awesome as it COULD have been. She deserves to be spanked for not coming. With a wooden spoon. Or even a whip.

Q: It's giving me a sunburn just looking at those sunburned little kiddies whatching a movie. How'd you get them to sit still for that? PS I love Crocs.

A: We slipped narcotics in their juice boxes.

Q: Where did everyone sleep is what I wanna know? PS Your life rocks.

A: I think we already addressed this one above. Geesh!

Q: And do you need Tony to send you something to stabilize those mood swings? PS I can't live another day until we reschedule my visit there!

A: Send me what you got.

Q: You have done it again! By that, I mean totally out done yourself as the best hostess ev! Your family is so lucky. Think we could book a family reunion for say...Denver next year? PS You're my favorite sis-in-law...and that includes Reid's side!

A: Heck yes! As we were doing all our activities I kept saying to Gty "Your family would love this. We gotta have your family come & do this too." Done & done!

Q: All those cousins look like each other. What's up with that? PS But your kids are the cutest.

A: Well, they are all related. It stands to reason some of them would look alike. Plus all kids look alike anyway. Char & Beebs could pass as siblings if we told people they were, don't you think? Throw some blonde hair on them & no one even questions it!

Q: Do you remember when we used to stay at Bil's, Jim's, Jack's? PS Those days were torturous.

A: No. The first reunion I can recall in my mind with clarity is the Monterrey Bay one. Hearst Castle, beach, Nick's sweaters around his shoulders, Annie's swimming suit filled with sand, etc.

Q: What I want to know is this--did your dad make home made fingers steaks while he was there? PS I wish Gty was one of my son-in-laws.

A: Sadly no. We didn't even think of it or else we probably would have. He made to-die-for-fall-off-the-bone ribs and pulled pork sandwiches (different nights, of course). Then we fed the kids pizza and sloppy joes for the two nights the adults went out. But now I want those so bad!! Thanks for the reminder.

*some questions may have been altered slightly to make more sense, take up more room and/or iterate the writer's true feelings.


Carol said...

Excellent answers to FAQ's. Even taking liberties and playing mind games was entertaining. It appears the sleeping arrangements were good, the house fared well, the food was great and the activities divine. Two things missing--Kimi and me. Nuff said

Memzy said...

Question: How did you come up with such a witty and hilarious post? PS. AskMemzy fans are screaming at me to come back.

Kim said...

What AV said!

Jenny ESP said...

One more question: did you gize make jalapeño jam that tastes like vomit flavored Harry potter jelly beans? PS. You have the prettiest funniest Internet friends ever. Lucky.