Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Four: Ascending to 14,000 Feet

A plethora of photos from our trip to the top of the world (a.k.a. Pikes Peak, CO). Highly recommended to anyone visiting this great state, btw.

Above: Waiting for the cog train. Below: On the train.

We made it. Sitting on that train was hard work. But we made it.

Yeah. I put down the backpack for our cutest-ever-family-pic above (iPhone was inside, plus some granola bars) and then walked away. Didn't notice it was gone until we were re-boarding the train. I think the altitude made my brain quit working. Here I am running back to the train after recovering it....I run awesome at 14,000 feet.

And Kip saved the day by waiting in line to get 2 dozen of the "Famous High Altitude Donuts" for all of us to try. They were....uh....good?

Gratuitous Beebee shot.

Everyone was exhausted coming down off the mountain. EVERYONE. Dave gets the photo posted though.

Back to a mile high. This is how the older boys entertained themselves around the house. Racing Beebee's trikes down the hill. They could not look tougher.

So that was basically it, you gize. Do you feel like you were at the reunion with us? Thought so. That night Scott & Mignon had to leave to head back and the rest of the adults went out to eat again & left the kids at home for some more cousin bonding/free babysitting. Then Dave & fam headed out at 5am Sunday morning and Kip & Blondee flew back to Michigan.

::sigh:: Post reunion let-down set in Sunday afternoon during my nap.


Annalisa said...

Favorite reunion post! Great pics. Such a fun day.

Flem said...

Great pics! Who designed the Ts? (Expecting FAQ post distorting my words like "wow, landee, that shirt looks AMAZING on you, who was the designer?")

Markie23 said...

That was a great family activity - getting high. We like to get high in Utah too.
btw, gratuitous Bebe pic's are my favorite.

eekareek said...

I feel depressed now that it is all over with.

Landee said...

Q: Wow! Those t-shirts are amazing! I'm guessing you designed them because you are a photoshop genius (I aspire to be like you). Am I right? Was it you?

A: Yes, yes, it was me. You can order one from me if you'd like. $5 + S&H.

Carol said...

My ablsoulte favorite post. Loved every picture. Made it big and stared lovingly at each one. The group shots were awesome and should be someone's Christmas card photo. The T-shirts are beautimous and I want one but alas, I fear my coconuts might not fit, so never mind. Heres' the thing. I LOVE N's nickname, Kip. I have grown to love my nickname, a.k.a Aunt Visor but if I had a choice---I'd want to be called "Lola". Yes, Lola.

Memzy said...

Personally I love that the tees are a cute scoop neck for the girlies. Well done.