Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not your Mother's Facepainting

My neighbor is starting a little facepainting business. She is extremely artistic and talented and creative. Her home is a sight to be behold as she refinishes furniture and should have been an interior decorator. I'm putting together a little flyer for her and she wanted some pictures of her work on it. This is a far cry from the facepainting I've seen/done in the past.... a spider (a black blob with lines coming off it), a daisy (other flowers are too hard), maybe a star on the cheek (it would be lopsided though), etc.

Beebee was so excited to be a model and get her make-up done. She even makes buckteefs look adorable.

Some more of her handiwork below. Her daughter is on the left and her friend on the right. By the time I got to them the friend's lip color was off, but you get the idear.

So if any of you local yokels are looking to have a face-painter at your next shindig be sure to let me know. I have a connection.

PS Catching Fire in THREE days. ::ripping off another link of my paper chain::


Memzy said...

Holy facepainting batman!! I'd totally hire her. Does she do BOY stuff tho?

I personally set fire to each of my paper chain pieces. You know,....cuz I'm a way super fan and stuff.

Carol said...

Beebs looks adorable. Your friend is very talented. BTW--Nick and 2 friends will be at the game in Texas. I'm sure you'll see him--he'll be the one with the super neat, impeccibly stylish BYU duds.

Jenny ESP said...

I have never stood in one of those ten-hour-long lines to get my kid's faced painted before. Never. But for neighbor, I just might. Fancy! Excellent filer pictures too. They look all professional.

Tracy said...

Is your book coming in the mail, or do you actually have to go get it yourself?

Landee said...

I'm going to go buy it on Tuesday morning (along with one for Taylor!). Are you buying it or picking it up?