Friday, August 14, 2009

Day Three: Ups & Downs

Day Three was a "relaxed, let's just hang out and have some fun together" kind of a day.

UP: The guys got up and went golfing at some ridiculously early time so they could fit 18 holes in before the wives got too angry with them. DOWN: The golf dudes didn't get back until about 1pm.

The rest of us just lollygagged around until 11:30am-ish when we all headed over to a pool I had "rented" for the afternoon.

UP: the stairs to the slide. DOWN: The slide.

It was a fast slide. It was a slide to be reckoned with. I didn't reckon with it, but all the grandkids did. You can see in that last pic there that my nephew, Sam, was prepared for all situations. I srsly think he could have gone deep sea diving in that get-up and would have been just fine. There was also some jumping off the diving board and lounging around involved that afternoon.

UP: Grammy & all her grandkids (I didn't want to say anything but she has way more grandkids than AV). DOWN: Due to the high elevation, there were several sunburns acquired that day.

UP: It was Tonya's 42nd birthday! DOWN: Didn't have 42 candles in the house. And NO, that is SO NOT the same cake we had gotten for their anniversary! I know it looks like we just got out the leftovers, turned it around so the good side would face the camera and stuffed some candles in it, but we so didn't. She deserves her own cake and that is exactly what she got.

UP: That cake was just as good as the first night. DOWN: Our plan was to get tickets for everyone for the Rockies game that evening. When Gty finally got around to looking into that (a few weeks before) he realized they were playing the Loser Cubs and for some reason the Loser Cubs have a crazy following. So yeah, game sold out. When he talked to the box office they said they would release more tickets 2.5 hours before the game started and to try back then. So the guys jumped in the van and headed downtown 2.5 hours before the game started only to find this atrocity was the line for the tickets.....and we needed 25 tickets.... yeah... it was a no-go.

Gosh I hate the Cubs. Any other team (besides the Yankees, I guess) and we could have walked in with ease. Oh well.... UP: We ended up staying home and, for those 12 and up, playing a super fun game (Loaded Questions--a must on the next SS trip, btw) while the littles did this (watched a movie)...

So yeah, a rollercoaster day. So much fun though. It all worked out for the best, as most things usually do.

Tomorrow? 14,110 feet baby.


Memzy said...

It's giving me a sunburn just looking at those sunburned little kiddies whatching a movie. How'd you get them to sit still for that?

Loaded questions. Noted.

Memzy said...

ps. Where did everyone sleep is what I wanna know?

Jenny ESP said...

I have Loaded Questions. Excellent game. Can get borderline inappropriate. Perfect for a SS-type group.

More questions:
Ah, where did everyone sleep, yes good question. And do you need Tony to send you something to stabilize those mood swings?

Say Anything said...

You have done it again! By that, I mean totally out done yourself as the best hostess ev! Your family is so lucky. Think we could book a family reunion for say...Denver next year? Loves!

Carol said...

Dear Landelu, Yes, your Mom has more grandkids than me---whatever. I looked closely at some of those pictures and here's the funny thing. All those cousins look like each other. What's up with that? Sam looks a little like Tbone, etc. Cutest kids ever right after mine. It looks like your Mom and Dad had a great time. You are soooooooo good to host everyone at your house. Enjoy that while you can because it will change as the years go bye and the numbers increase. Do you remember when we used to stay at Bil's, Jim's, Jack's? Fun times, fun times. What I want to know is this--did your dad make home made fingers steaks while he was there? Please tell me yes. It's all I can think about when I think of his culinary skills. MMmmmmmm

eekareek said...

I wish I was in your reunion. I really need to post about mine but I don't want the in laws seeing it....

Landee said...

Do it Sara... on the blog that must not be named.