Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gravity Can Be Fun!: Day Two

So, after a good meal, socializing and a good night's rest, we headed out on Day Two to a little place near here called Heritage Square. It's basically a run-down small amusement park but do you know what they have? An ALPINE SLIDE! Gravity's roller coaster. It was a must-do and we must-did it.

Here are Elizabeth & Lexi (belonging to oldest bro Dave, for those of you who need me to label everyone) heading up on the chairlift.

And the whole group of us at the top. We are kind of clustered by families (well, except TBone) so you figure it out. You might wanna click on the picture to get a better look.

All lined up & ready to go. I think it's funny they make you show your ticket at the bottom AND at the top. I say, if someone hikes up that thing they deserve a free ride down. But I'm way nice and stuff.

Ttocs Nosppej ready to go.

After cruising down the mountain a couple of times we headed over to do some go-carting. This is where some family competitiveness reared its ugly head. Unfortunately SOME people had faster cars and there just isn't anything you can do about that.

Here is my dad after having just take over Dave to move into 2nd place (as indicated by his fingers, obviously).

He then set his eyes on poor Gty who never saw him coming. What is with the tongue??

Gty expressing his opinion on the matter.

Kip did what he could to keep my dad at bay (i.e. keeping him pinned against the wall) but it was no use. Dad's car was the fastest. Luckily he was super humble about it and stuff.

Here he is acting bored cuz it was so easy to pass everyone. Way humble.

There was then some mini-golf playing.

And some little rides taken (due to having leftover tickets). Gty never quite recovered from the Tilt-O-Whirl. He felt sick the rest of the night. JBird & Beebs were unfazed.

We then headed back, ordered pizza for the kids, left the big cousins in charge and went out for an "adults only" dinner at Hacienda Colorado. Goooood mexican food. Huuuuuge diet cokes that never get fully empty before another is placed before you. Fuuuuun conversations. My stomache ached at the end due to over-eating, over-drinking (soda) and laughing so hard.

LtoR: Tonya & Dave (my oldest bro & wife), Mom, Dad, Landee, Gty, Blondee & Kip (youngest bro & wife, pseudo names), Mignon & Scott (the middle bro, just older than me & wife).

You may have noticed Kim isn't there. She was ::ahem:: unable to attend. We missed her & her live-in boyfriend/finace RodTodd immensely and intensely. Maybe next time. ::saddy face::


Memzy said...

W. O. W. How much can you possibly fit into ONE day? Were there no naps involved for little ones? I love when there are no naps involved.

A couple of things:

1. Your hair color is FAB. I LOOOOOOVE IT!

2. Imma start calling you gize the Crocs-ertons.

Flem said...

RodTodd is her finance or fiance? I got confused.

And no kim=boooring

Although it looks like it was kind of fun anyway.

Carol said...

GREAT post. GREAT pictures. GREAT info. almost felt like I was there--except for I missed Gty's jokes. Please tell me he resurrected the Shi-thead joke. Please. It appears your Dad was in hog heavan. It's written all over his face. Miss you all.

danandcami said...

Your family reunions look like TONS O Fun!! Not that I am surprised of course!! Will have to chat with you when I return on "how to plan a family reunion".

Jenny ESP said...

No Kimmie?? What kind of "family reunion" is this? I guess I can stop searching the pictures and mistaking SILs for Kimmies that look sort of different than what I remember. Glad to see your bros tho. I thought you only had two, but there's a bonus one. Now I need to rethink the entire Jetson family dynamics.

eekareek said...

Your family reunion was waaaay better than mine. I will post a recap of mine on my blog.

Landee said...

Memz, I totally typed out "Ugh, my hair suuuuuuux!" but then backspaced so no one would think I was so shallow but srsly, it is so ug right now. The pic must not do it justice. All CROCS fam!

Flemmy, he is both her fiance and her finance guy since she is currently unemployed...that is why I wrote it like that. Totally the reason why I wrote that. ::ahem::

AV, no Shi-thead jokes. My family is too uptight for such things! haha. Ttocs did pretend to swipe a credit card in his bumcrack though so maybe they coulda handled it... hmmmmm.... opportunity lost.

Cami, I'm gonna do an enrichment on planning reunions! I'll wait until you return from the land down undah first though! :)

Jespy, three bros one h----sister. It's like you don't know me at all. I know ALL your siblings. Intimately.

Eekee, can't wait for your recap. Wait, when was your reoon? I wasn't invited...

Katie said...

I had a feeling you had a good time, just a feeling. I would like to add that the oldest brither's oldest daughter looked enough like Kim base soley on my vague recollection of the two brief meeting I had with her. Wait, one more...Brynn is really too cute. If Atticus is a 10 ( which we all know he is), than Brynn is a 9.94.