Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Stuff I Know You're Interested in Hearing About

  • Labor Day Weekend we are off to TX. It is our only "official" family trip this year. For some reason I don't count trips where we drive to UT & hang out with family. Anyway, we are going down for the big BYU v. Oklahoma football game being played in the new $1.6 gajillion stadium that Jimmy guy built in Dallas. Along the way we will be seeing the Alamo and checking to see if it has a basement, walking the River Walk in San Antonio, going to a b-day party at the American Girl Doll Cafe (the boys are beyond excited, ahem), going to Medieval Times!!!, and tons of other cool stuff. After realizing I probably didn't REALLY wanna go to the game, Garret sold my ticket, Beebs' ticket and Tbone's ticket to the game on StubHub for a grand total of almost $1000. I then promptly turned around a bought a new camera lens (the Canon EF 50mm f1.4 for those interested in such things). It's already the best trip ever.
  • TBone: Hey Mom, do you know what my favorite word is? ME: No, what is it? TBone: Pants. (I'll let you contemplate that for a while on your own)
  • I'm putting together a slide show for an upcoming ward activity. It is of all the youth activities over the summer (youth conference, girls camp, high adventure, etc). I can NOT find/think of any good songs to put with it. Every song out there is about drinking or disco sticks. Any ideas?? So far I have "Roam" by the B-52s--it's perf with the young men hiking "through the wilderne-e-ess"). Thanks in advance.
  • Tbone brought home a "I Made A Bad Choice" paper on the 4th day of school. I had to sign and return it. It was because she had "asked him 3 times to stop rolling around during group time and he didn't stop." I was like "Uh-oh, this teacher is not for the TBone." He was grounded from TV and video games for the rest of the night. I told him that if he ever got another one of those papers he would be grounded from TV and video games for a week. The NEXT DAY he brought home a SUPERSTAR paper (basically the "I Made A Good Choice!" paper). The reason? He sat in his spot nicely for all of group time. Ok, maybe Mrs. C knows what she's doing. We shall see what she says at the end of September during parent/teacher conferences. I think I may take up drinking.
  • Gty & I are now thinking that we don't need to finish the basement. It is the perfect place for us to hone our Ripsticking (tm) skillz. It's a big loop with no hills or curbs. I'm way better than him, if anyone asks.
  • I finished The Diplomat's Wife for the big SRBC meeting on Sunday (nail biter!). I am starting to re-read The Hunger Games here in about 5 minutes. I'm nervous though...what if I don't love Peeta as much the 2nd time around? What if I have fallen out of love with him? I'm's been a while since we've been together. I've changed. I hope we haven't grown apart.
  • I told you FB is fun.


Jeff said...

I'm down there for the game as well. We need to make sure we catch up.

marcikay said...

Heyhey!! We're going to the game too.. but we're flying.. and its just me & Dave.. no girlies..

I've been to the AG store twice in NYC.. I love it!! (didn't know there was one in Dallas.. hmmmm and Savannah's birthday is 9/17)

I have read Hunger Games at least 3 times, and I'm still in love with Peeta - you should be fine..

Landee said...

Jeff... seriously? You definitely need to figure out how to meet Gty in the stadium somewhere. He'd love that!

Marci, we are flying too. It should be good times. If I didn't know we were spending a weekend together in Vegas a few short weeks after then I would insist we meet at the AG store! But I'll leave you guys alone I guess. 3 times and Peeta is still good? Good to know the boy with the bread doesn't lose his touch.

Markie23 said...

I don't know if you and Peeta are right for each other, but Katniss and I are even tighter the second time around. We're gonna go kick some arse in the Capital next week.

Jenny ESP said...

Finally, some bullet points.

* I'll be home for the game, watching it on TV.<--Lollerz my butt off.

* I have no doubt that you will fall more in love with Peeta. Surely.

* I'm about to start my fourth reading. Right after I finish The Diplomat's Wife. Don't worry, I have plenty of time.

Annalisa said...

Alamo....well I'll let you decide how much you like it.
You should do Sea World or Fiesta Texas or Schliderbaun.
So much good food in Texas you're going to gain at least 5lbs.

Anonymous said...

bring your own plastic utensils for medival times! if it's the same type of thing that i went to in LA...

as for songs:
Full Moon by the Black Ghosts for the Girls Camp part
Viva La Gloria by GreenDay
Last of the American Girls by Green Day
Good People by Jack Johnson

Might wanna check the lyrics for content... They sounded fine but with GreenDay they sing too fast for me to catch everything.

Memzy said...

Bullet points are fun. Sooooo jealous you gize are going for the game. I lurves me some BY football. How could you give up your ticket?! On that same note: eeeek! I have the 50mm 1.8 and it is BY FAR my fave lens. You're gonna die!! I'm seeing a Tbone-ish future for me and char char.

Glo said...

i want to go to Texas and gain 5 pounds from eating good food. I also want to pawn some BYU tickets for 1000 bucks, but i wouldnt get camera stuff, I would get clothes.

Jonesy said...

Pants ?

Hot Pants said...

Are you sure he didn't mean hot-pants? Cuz it's way fun to say.

Landee said...

Annalisa, more info on Fiesta Texas or Schliderbaun, porfa.

Here is the thinking on selling our tickets... they were $100 to begin with. Yeah. For Beebs too. So we started wondering if it was really worth it for her to go when she'd probably hate it anyway. We decided no, it was not worth it. So I'd need to sell mine too unless we think we can get away with locking Beebs in the hotel room during the game by herself. We didn't wanna risk it. So THEN we asked TBone if he wanted to go to the game or swim at the hotel. Doyeee! NO brainer there. And there you go. We sold them for 2.5x their value.

We are going to the BYU v. UNLV game in October so this wasn't going to be my only chance to see the Cougs this year. <--- another reason I took the $$ and ran.

Thanks for the music suggestions, Darci...apparently everyone else is as clueless and I am.

b-stizzy said...

It's Jerry, not Jimmy. ;-)

Landee said...

That's right... JERRY. Didn't they have a coach named Jimmy once? I get lame stuff like football facts mixed up.