Thursday, September 9, 2010

The 4 Year Old's New Normal

Were you worried that Beebs was going to be bored now that the brothers are back in school?

Let me put you at ease.

Her schedule has more mandatory meetings on it than mine does.  I'm teaching her early that "being busy" equals "has value in this world."  Jaykay.  Although you might think so looking at what she's got going on these days.  She doesn't know the order of the days of the week but she knows which day is what.  For her it goes:

Church Day
School Day
Dance & School Day
Gymnastics & School Day
School Day
No School but the Brothers Are At School Day
Nobody goes to School Day!/JBird Football Day/TBone Soccer Game Day

That's how we talk about the days of the week and that's how you need to refer to those days in her presence, btw.  Or she'll get confused.

School Days:

First day of PreK was on Tuesday of this week.  It will be Monday-Thursday 12:30-3pm.

Quickly getting to work on mastering shapes.  It was sort of an in-your-faces to the other kids.

I won't be here smiling & posing every school day.  Just the first.

Her BFF will be though.

Dance & School Days:

Beebs has now moved up to Ballet/TapII which basically means she could go on SYTYCD if she were old enough.  Perfect form is all I see here.  This will be Tuesdays at 10am.

This pic makes me giggle.

RFTP shot here.

Ah...look who is here again!  The BFF!  

Gymnastics & School Days:

I can't get enough of her leotards.  She shall wear them Wednesdays at 10am.

The BFF is in this class too but I don't have any shots of them together.  I will remedy that soon enough.

Now seeing this 4yo's schedule all laid out like this I'm realizing it's ridiculous.  I think I need to work on changing a couple of those days to "Nap Day" and "Sit Around & Watch Tom and Jerry Day."


eekareek said...

Very cute. I like busy kid days cuz then the Wii doesn't get turned on. I call that day the No Wii Day.

michelangelo said...

pray for me that i will get pregnant soon.

Jana said...

Woah- she's busier than I am by far. She's so cute. (Like you, I don't throw that word around).

Adam Shankman said...

Does she have an agent?

Landee said...

Mikey, you want a boy or a girl? I can get specific.

No Wii Day? What, are you crazy? what do I owe this pleasure? Yer cute.

ADAM SHANKMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! But you can tell things from these pics, right? She has a gift.

ShelBailey said...

That kids is srsly cute. Must take after her mama. And, if she's not complaining about the schedule, than I wouldn't mess with it. :0)

Jenny ESP said...

That tiny dancer needs a tiny planner.

Carol said...

She needs an iphone to keep her schedule on track and text you when class is over. Just sayin'. . .