Monday, September 20, 2010

Last Maui Post, Pinky Swearz

I figured I'd just post the rest of the trip and then we can alllll be done with it.  I'll forever have the memories & will cherish them always.  But no need to drag you along for what must be the most boring walk down memory lane.  I realized today that this is equivalent to the olden days when people would get slides made of their photos, invite you over, and force you to look at them up on their family room wall while they commentated.  Torture.  And I apologize in advance.  But since you're here...

More cute pics of Gty boogie boarding.  

But lookie what he did to his super expensive boogie board we got at the local grocery store.

This may have had something to do with it?  (Plzthanks ignore my super annoying laugh, but it was really funny)

This here is a pic from Big Beach.  Around the corner is Little Beach which is also the unofficial nudist beach of the island.  Gty & Cal "accidentally happened upon it" whilst snorkling.  Shya right.   Anyway, the waves get so big at Big Beach the lifeguards make scary announcements as soon as whiteys like us walk onto the beach.  Things such as "If you don't have experience in the water, DO NOT GET IN." and "We will send a swim team out to get you if you get in the water right now."  and "Srsly, don't get in the water.  We aren't kidding."  It was fun to watch the local guys boogie board in these waves though.

Taken with the timer.  Don't I look like I was casually reading my magazine rather than having just ran back to my chair after pushing the button?  We had many a beach days.  Typical schedule...wake up.  Go to beach.  Get lunch.  Go to different beach.  Take shower.  Go out to eat.  Go to bed.  Best vaycay ever.

On the last day we had to check out of our place at 10am and then we were all scheduled on the red-eye back to the mainland that night at 9:30pm.  We didn't really want to be all "beachy" on the red-eye so that day we did what is called the "Road to Hana."  It's this all day "adventure" where you drive on this jungly, curvy, lush, beautiful drive on the other side of the island.  The road TO Hana is fun with stops along the way and fun things to see & do.  The road BACK from Hana (same road) is a bit annoying, however, as you don't stop, you've seen it all already and you're in a rush to buy souvenires and catch a plane.  I dry heaved from car sickness.  That's all I'm saying.

But again, the Road TO Hana = super fun.   First stop.  Some overlook thingy place.

Can you imagine living here?  I mean, reeeeeally living here?  People do.  It's gorgeous, no question, but LIVING there?  I don't know if I'm the type.

We stopped at an arboretum along the way.  I LOVE these Rainbow Eucalyptus trees.  I HATE the jags who carved their initials in them.  HATE. Who does that?

[sparing you some intense amounts of photos of scenery, us in various poses, upclose pics of vegitation, etc.  You're welcome]

We then went a little beyond Hana (one lane roads at times, one lane bridges all the time) to some state park I will look up later, where we hiked to a freakin' waterfall!  Aren't we adventurous??  We weren't really "dressed for hiking" per say, but we managed.

Loved these tree roots we hiked over.

Gty enjoying one of the overlooks along the hike.  It was a good 2 miles up, and 2 miles back btw.  My glutes were talkin' the next day.

Huuuuuge Banyan Tree.  Photo op!  I got up ok.  Kim had "issues" getting up.  Gty racked his family jewels pretty good getting up.  And Cal spared the poor girl waiting to take our pic some time and opted out of getting up.  Totally worth it though. Obviously.

Cool bridge leading to the bamboo forest.

Bamboo forest!

And the big pay off!  Waimoku Falls.

Can you see my little Gty just a sittin' there contemplating life?  He didn't mention but I'm sure he had some deep thoughts.

Me + watefall

We then looked at our watches, ran back down the trail and had to skip seeing the Seven Sacred Pools.  Here is what they look like from the road though.  I'm sure they are lovely upclose too.  Freshwater pools right there on the ocean.  But again, we were in a rush.  Tshirts to buy and stuff.

So we then flew all night long.  These $6 neck pillows I bought at the BigK there were an absolute life saver.  I slept the entire 5 hour leg from Kahalui to LA.  I barely even moved.  I drooled.  But didn't really move.  Then I slept for goodly portions of the LA to SLC and SLC to DEN legs.  Good thing too because we went straight from the airport to JBird's football game.  And then straight to a team party at Five Guys.  

Loved every second of this trip.  Side note:  You never really know what it'll be like to travel with another couple.  I mean, you can assume it will be fun because you have fun together in other circumstances but travel is a whole different ball game.  Needless to say, I think the Landersons and the Mr. & Mrs. Aweeyum are the perfect traveling match.  Similar ideas on how to spend our time & money.  No drama.  Wives have fun together.  Husbands have fun together.  It was, literally, the perfect vacation.  

I wouldn't change anything.  

How often can you say that about an 8 day trip?


Jenny ESP said...

I loved watching your old-school vacay slide show plus commentary. I was living vicariously through you, and it was my favorite vacay ever! Can't wait to go back.

PS. Your laugh is still ringing in my ears, making me giggle.

Markie23 said...

I want to go to there.

SuzyQ said...

I want to think my recommendation was the main reason you went to Waimoku Falls. Even if it wasn't, I don't care.

Glad you had fun!

Memzy said...

I find it amazing that Gty can pull off the SAME exact face in every pic even when he is boogie boarding!! That's talent.

And you promised AV you were baby making so that "damage" to Gty's family jewels better not be permanent.

Landee said...

What? I promised WHAT? I thought she meant "practicing" baby making. Not ACTUAL baby-making! Geez. I really gotta watch myself around her.

And Suzanne... thanks so much for the tip! We may have ended up there but your suggestion certainly helped urge us on. My favorite part was biking down Haleakala, which you did too, right? Glorious. PS we have matching Banana Pancakes pictures too. :)

SuzyQ said...

Yes, we biked down Haleakala, too. And we had the idea to do the sunrise tour from the summit the day after we got there, too, but then we realized we were on vacation. :)

Those pancakes were da bomb. I brought some of that coconut syrup back with me. Yum!