Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"I Like You"

This is a common phrase said around our home.

I like you.

For whatever reason, it means more to us than the more customary I love yous.

Yes, we say "I love you" often enough, but it's the "I like yous" that really dominate.  Everyone loves each other.  We are family.  Of course we love each other.  I've given birth to some of us & married the other.  Others of us are siblings.

Love is a given.

But like?  Do we have to like each other simply because we are in the same family?  Is like a given because we were married in the temple?  I've seen plenty of people who don't particularly like their kids (or one of their kids perhaps).  I've seen plenty of couples who, while they love each other in every sense of the word, don't particularly like each other.

Like is on a whole different level.

I'd even venture to say I love every single person in my ward... in a "wardly love" kind of way.  But like?  Now you're pushing it.  Like implies you enjoy spending time with them.  Like means you find them interesting.  Like consists of enjoying their personality and wanting to talk to them regularly.

So, when I see TBone being kind to Beebs simply because he wants to, I'll look at him and say, "TBone, you're a good kid.  I like you."   And when I'm lecturing Gty on this & that and complaining about stupid little things he'll smile at me a little, rub my arm and say, "I like you."  I usually roll my eyes & tell him to "stop patronizing me and just listen!" but secretly I like being liked.   Who wouldn't?


eekareek said...

I like you.

Markie23 said...

Markie Likes this.

marcikay said...

I like this so much!!

..in fact, it made me the teeeniest bit teary..

Memzy said...

I have a similar situation in which I say "You are not my favorite person right now". It sends a quick and powerful message to Shed that roughly translates to "You are in big trouble and we are gonna have a DISCUSSION real soon about why I'm irritated and you'd better be ready to made amends," etc., etc. It's very effective.

Memzy said...

Is this under "I" or "L" for like.

Landee said...

I haven't decided what letter, thought I filed it under "I" for now. I may need to change some titles later depending on what letters I'm needing to bulk up.

And when someone is "not my favorite person" I say "You're on my list." Usually through clenched teeth. I've never given the title of this list, but everyone knows they don't wanna be on it. Especially Gty.

Landee said...

Oh, and I like every person who has commented to far. For those who comment after this, we'll just have to see.

Flem said...

We say I like you too but not during times of stress.

During times of stress I usually say something like "I am sorry that I did not remember that you were incompetent" which drives my husband crazy. When my kids figure out that is what I am doing to them they will probably hate it too. "I am sorry that I trusted you to make the right choice" or "sorry I thought you could handle it."

It is something I am working on though.

Jenny ESP said...

I love you in an obligatory way.

When I'm mad at Tony, I say things like, "I'm sorry I ever married you." When it's my kids, I go, "I rue the day you were born."

Jenny ESP said...

Oh yeah, I like you too.

Hot Pants said...

I almost thought this was a conference talk, until I hit the part about Tbone. It's late. I like everyone who's commented also. Even Marcikay, whom I've never even been introduced to. But, I love Jespy, Eek, and Markie cuz they're blood.

Memzy said...

Lollerz @ HP!!!