Monday, September 13, 2010

Who Wakes Up at 2am on Vaycay?

We do.

And (after I just took a 3 hour nap) it was totally worth it.  Here we are at sunrise at 10,000 feet atop Haleakala volcano (inactive, of course, like my sister).

We then put on our slickers & helmets and biked down the road to the base of Haleakala.  Exhilarating.

Aren't we so romantic?

Maui=highly recommended.



Flem said...

Do you mean 2 am according to a time change or actually 2 am? Because, why would you have to get up so early? Did you HIKE up there?

Wow you guys are amazing. And I can't believe you compared your sister to a volcano.

eekareek said...

Maui? I thought you went to Canada. Also I think your comment about your sister may help her get back on the straight and narrow. Who wants to be like an inactive volcano?

Markie23 said...

I think the PC term is "Less Active".

Jenny ESP said...

You gize ae insane... insanely in-love. Woooooooooooo!!!!! But what's with the coats, gloves, and galoshes in Maui? I thought it was warm there.

Landee said...

2am Maui time. Which was 6am Colorado time. Which was still early for these vacationers. And we had to get up so early because we had a 45 minute drive to the bike shop. Then we had to be outfitted in our slickers and helmets. Then we were bussed up the volcano all in time to greet the sunrise.

And it's a good 40 degrees colder up there than down at sea level, and misty, thus the wintery attire. It got warmer as we rode down and by the end we had stripped off all our layers.

I have more "Maui appropriate attire" pics to come.

Princess Kimi said...

Best. post. ever.

But the real question is... who ISN'T STILL UP at 2am on MAUI????

Gorge pics. Heart the crud outta the bike foot up balancing totally posed gag-me sickly cute pic. just fyi. p.s. also totally heart the bageebees outta your new banner.

p.s.s.rycomb: I am like halfway through the book! EEeeeEEEkkKKK!!!!

Carol said...

Always wondered if it was really worth getting up that early to see the sunrize. It appears it WAS!! Looks heavenly.

Memzy said...

Yay! Yes and Shed and I were furreeezing when we went up (not in the sunrise tho). Not a sweatshirt in sight. Brrrr. Love the pics!

I'm assuming you have a compy in your little timeshare thingy?

michelangelo said...

if i'd had that kind of helmet i wouldn't have knocked out my 4 front teeth when i wrecked on my bicycle a couple years ago. bummer.