Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Evolution of a Saturday

I remember growing up, Saturdays meant two things....chores and playing.  Chores always coming first, of course.

Then, as a college student, Saturdays could be anything from a study day to watching movies all day with roommates to prepping for a dance that night. 

As a newly wed, Saturdays were "Clean The Apartment" day.  I remember I could clean our apartment top-to-bottom, with a lot of attention to detail, in two hours flat.  I loved the feeling of sitting in a completely clean home.  And, with no kids, it would stay that way well into the next week.

When motherhood came along and we had toddlers and babies, Saturdays were a family day where we usually stayed home and played with the kids and maybe ventured out in the evening to a kid-friendly restaurant, bed by 8:00pm. 

Now that those kids have grown up considerably, Saturdays are spent watching them in their various activities-- and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love Saturdays at this point in our lives.  I hear some people complain that their "entire Saturday is spent watching this sport and then running another kid to another venue for yet another game, blah blah blah..."  I want to ask them what else they could possibly be wanting to do?  What's better than watching your child perform in something he or she has been working hard at in practice?  This is 80% the reason why I even had kids fhs. 

This brings me to today.  

Jbird's first football game of the season a.k.a. Heaven on Earth for this girl.  ::pointing at self::

That's my boy there with his signature One Finger stance.   He started on offense and defense and played almost the entire game.  He plays tight end on offense, I'll get back to you on his defensive position.  I forgot.


Running his route.

(can anyone tell from ^^^ what position that is??)


Gettin' a pep talk from Dad.

I tried to refrain from telling him how freakin' adorable he looked in his uniform but was unsuccessful a couple of times.  It couldn't be helped. 

So excited for all my Saturdays through November (but sooooo sad we will miss next week's game.  Grandma & Grandpa will be here though so that's good).    TBone also started his first season of soccer!  More on that later. 


Jenny ESP said...

Your Saturdays have really evolved into... um... fun stuff? I dunno. But I love the photo ops, and the baseball games I attended of Jbird's were a pleasant mixture of peacefulness and excitement. So I can vouch.

PS. This is the comment you would have left me if I had posted this: "You gize are adorable pretending [you like going to your kids football games]. You're SUCH. GOOD. MOMS!!! Srsly. You should join Mormon Mommy Blogs or something. This reeks of it." Hahaha!!!

Landee said...

Oh, I forgot about the new roolz around here. No using my own snarky quotes against me. Kthanksbye.

Jenny ESP said...

I hate that rool. Your words are my biggest snarky weapon. "You're the meanest person I know!" <--see?

Kathleen said...

Justin said it looks like he was in the defensive-end position. You'll have to let us know when he plays. Mason and I would love to come and watch!

Memzy said...

I love Jenny's ability to reproduce the snarky comments!!!

Memzy said...

I also adore sports events for my kids. We've got friday night soccer and saturday football and it just fits perfect. If it would only cool off over here it'd be even better.

ps. do all the football dudes wear those arm gaurds? and if so, forwhycome?

Flem said...

I like Saturdays too. But my kids aren't motivated enough to perform so I just go to friends' houses and hope that they provide enough entertainment.

I absolutely LOVED these pics of Jack playing football. I can't wait to compare them to him in HS. Very cute. Especially the "conferring with dad" bit.

Carol said...

First--love (not) the new layout. I wanna see your faces up close and sharp. It's just something I need. Next, love the pix of JBird. He's so darn cute it's painful and I can see the dedication on his face. Enjoy your weekends. Super fun time in your life.

michelangelo said...

the pics of your son are awesome. how much of that is your skill and post-processing and how much is your awesome camera? what kind of camera do you have praytell? should i put it on my Christmas wish list?

Landee said...

Mikey! So good to see you again! I have a Canon 50D (recently upgraded from a 20D...wanted a 5D but, you know how it goes). Those were taken with my 200mm 2.8 lens. It's perfect for these far away type situations. Very little post-processing. Just a brightening. The lens/camera did it all (except my exemplary framing, of course).