Thursday, September 30, 2010

Depressing, Things I Find

  • People who buy things simply because they are on sale.  They’re going broke saving money.  It’s sad.
  • Watching young stars flush their lives down the toilet, thus proving everyone right.

  • Walmart
  • When my Costco membership is due & then added onto my already large-ish total at checkout.
  • Seeing old friends on Facebook and seeing how much our lives have gone in completely different directions.
  • Anyone over the age of 19 standing on street corners, twirling signs and advertising for a pizza place or a “HUGE CLOSEOUT SALE!” at the nearby electronics store.  If I do see an older person doing this I pretend like they are the owner/manager of the business. See, they just wanted a break from the doldrums of their office so they told the 18-year-old-or-under kid whose job that really is to take an extra break that day and he’d take over for a while. You know, just to get some fresh air.  I have to pretend this or the tears start to well up. 
  • Seeing I have less than 1/3 of my Chipotle burrito left and I hadn’t been absolutely savoring every bite.
  • Phone calls from the vice principal.
  • Purchasing toilet paper, deodorant, tampons and other non-fun necessities.  Such a waste of good, hard-earned cash.
  • Driving by the new Ikea that is being built 5 minutes from my house,  reading the huge sign that says "COMING FALL 2011," doing the math and realizing that is still an entire year away.  I go even further and imagine the insane crowds that will be storming that place day & night for the first year (at least) it's open as well.  That makes a good two years before I'll be able to handle going and purchasing all the cheap but stylish things my little heart desires.  


michelangelo said...

your experience with chipotle burritos = my experience with chocolate milk from maplehofe dairy

Glo said...

Ikea in denver=one more reason for me to move to denver next fall. i think i already own everything in the store that my tiny apartment can handle, but I will just keep buying their straws and napkins.

Carol said...

A very nice, eclectic mix. Loved it. (Sorry about the Vice Principal thing).

eekareek said...

Poor old man just trying to stay alive by twirling a "Hot and Ready Pizza" sign. What's IKEA???

eekareek said...

Never mind, I just Googled it.

Memzy said...

More info about Vice Principal. That's what I want.

Jenny ESP said...

The fact that balloon mortgages, student loans, and unemployment didn't make your list really says something about your life. Even your depressing, things I find list is fairly upbeat.

Princess Kimi said...

And what about farmers with one arm. But yeah, IKEA not being open for a year is super saddy. :: whispers to Sara.. "do we have one and do we care if we never get one? what is it, srsly and don't lie and say it's all toll painting stuff" ::

p.s. what did J-Bird do?

p.s.s. I feel the same way about any food if I am multi tasking and don't realize I forgot to savor anything by the time the 9x13 of home made nachos is in my gut

way p.s.s.ryp: the dood here that used to stand on the street for a local messican restaurant was our fave. It went out of business. Every time we cross that intersection we have a moment of saddy for sir shakes it like a polaroid picture in a sombrero.