Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1st Day of School or Why is Tiffany So Happy?

::moment of silence::


Sorry about that. But school started today and I'm feeling joyful. The boys weren't driving me nutzo yet but they were getting there. Fast.

Dood #1

Name: JBird
Grade: 3rd
Current Occupation: Student
Summer Occupation: babysitter, keeper of the peace, So You Think You Can Dance watching partner (with me), baseball player, backyard football player, forever family room basketball player
Excited-About-School-Starting Scale (1-10): 10


Dood #2

Name: TBone
Grade: 1st
Current Occupation: Student
Summer Occupation: resident fruit snack eater, cartoon watcher and DS player, neighborhood roamer, Tae Kwon Do master (well, yellow belt), big brother tormentor, Pokemon expert
Excited-About-School-Starting Scale (1-10): 5 (which is better than we anticipated, btw)


And then the two doods together.


BB keeps asking where they are. Then, when I tell her, she claims she would like to go to school too. I'm guessing that if she really knew what that meant she'd much rather be here with me, drinking her juice and watching Dora while admiring her princess tattoo bandaids. Just a hunch.

So anyway, if you need me I'll just be here not breaking up fights or yelling at someone to turn the hose off.



quesetescapa said...

Why is the picture of the two doods blurry? Very unlike you.

And congrats on your total bliss. Bliss here isn't until 25 August but fortunately the absence from neighbor kids has led to some really quality play time around these parts.

Tiffany said...

Is that better?? Geeesh you are so picky. I had resized it as an experiment and it didn't end well. Duly noted.

Is Gillian starting some kind of school somewhere?

Memzy said...

Yeah, the pic resizing thing isn't the greatest "over here". Hooray for school and stuff of that nature!!! My kids are both on a 10 scale and thank garsh for that. Only 11 days left but who's counting.

quesetescapa said...

Gillian is going to "pre-school" on Tuesdays/Thursdays and then I am going to change to full time, which means I pay for the whole week but I am only going to use it three days a week or so while I figure out what to do with a baby. Today is actually her first day back there so we will see how it goes...

ajesplin said...

What's all this business about WANTing school to start? Don't you know that means no more sleeping in til noon?