Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Things I Thought I'd Bore You With

  • I finished "Breaking Dawn" last night. Don't even get me started here. Allz I'm sayin' is it was nice to not have to see Bella as the part-retard-with-few-redeemable-qualities-and-certainly-not worthy-of-Edward type that she has been in the past.
  • My spin teacher played "Jump" by VanHalen this morning in class. Then, because I'm sick of all my CDs I turned on the radio on the way home and "Living On A Prayer" by BonJovi was kickin'. I'm now in a major 80s hair band mood. Is there anything better than when the lead singer and guitarist go back-to-back? No, there's not.
  • G$ is out of town this week. He makes watching the Olympics much more fun cuz he knows all the back stories about these people (i.e. "that guy holds the world record" or "we don't have the best backstroker here but we'll catch up on the freestyle" and crap like that). He knows even before Bob Costas says it, btw.
  • We got a new bishopric this Sunday. It was announced last Sunday that this would be happening. So, Friday night, a bunch of our friends got together and played "Fantasy Bishopric" and submitted our "picks" for who we thought it was going to be. There was a Coldstone gift card on the line. I was 0 for 3. Why didn't anyone glow when I looked at them or something?? I was waaaaay off.
  • Beebs is one week strong with no accidents. I'm thinking she's a potty pro now. I don't even take extra clothes with me anymore when we go places.
  • We have one of those "find the hidden crap" books that the kids look at during church. It shows pics of all the things they need to find and then how many of them to look for. For example, it'll have a picture of a bird and it will have a 3 next to it so they know to find three of those birds. Well, there is one where it had a pic of a kid in the water with a 7 next to it. Underneath it said "7 kids spashing"... TBone looks at it and goes "K, so I need to find 7 kids drowning." He's whack, yo.


Memzy said...

splashing/drowning.....potato/potawto. But si claro Tanner is whack yo.

And the glow didn't come cuz obviously (to quote YOU) you don't have a strong enough testimony. Doyee. ::snicker::

You and I need to TALK about Breaking Dawn.

ajesplin said...

OK, this is ridiculous. I'm just gonna add you to my fancy blog list so I will be instantly notified when you post new stuff. Hope you don't mind but I'm not really asking permission here. And when strangers ask if I'm Mormon, I go, "am I glowing?" and they give me weird look, which I assume means, "yes."

Tiffany said...

Yay!!! I wanted to add you but I thought it'd be all awkward and you'd be like "I don't even like you like that" and then I'd be like "Wait... I didn't add you on there... does blogger do stuff all by itself?" you know, to save face and stuff.

So yeah... I gave you a nickname that I thought was appropriate tho.

Breaking Dawn debrief scheduled: anytime you want. Garret is outta town yo!

quesetescapa said...

Okay keep the Tanner comments coming because I love them. Seriously.

Second, the fantasy bishopric? People weren't glowing because that is borderline... something. You cannot be having those kinds of parties and I certainly hope you weren't hosting. For crying out loud.

So who won the pool and who are the new peeps in office?

Tiffany said...

Why can't we be having those kinds of parties??? I thought it was hilarious. No to hosting it but I was all for it the second I heard that was what was gonna go down. I don't think it's borderline anything... except maybe borderline TOO much fun & TOO innocent.

And after we made our picks we had to go around and explain why. The girl who picked the right bishop said (at the party) that she had seen him earlier in the week, he was "glowing" and she thought "I bet he's our next bishop." This is why I'm lamenting.

The FUNNIEST part, that I forgot to mention, is one of the guys there was actually put in as 2nd councilor but he played along and made a bunch of bogus picks! We had even made the "If you have inside information you need to recuse yourself now" speech and he didn't budge. We were DYING on Sunday when they said his name. DYING.

So yeah, it's all in good fun Flem. Don't be such a party pooper.

quesetescapa said...

I am impressed you used the word recuse.

Memzy said...

lollerz!^ at recuse

Keeping Up with the Joneses said...

Hi Tiffany - I feel so natural commenting you because I read your comments on memzy's all the time - you're hysterical ! and my sister is also Tiffany. Amber is actually her friend but she doesn't have a blog. I'll try to find a pic though. You ARE a younger version of her though

The Coopers said...

Hey Tiffany! I'm psyched that you have a blog so I can keep up with you. You look amazing by the way. Are you sure you've really had three kids? When are you gonna come back to Jersey and visit?!

Ashley said...

We had a good laugh over the fantasy bishopric game. We had our own guesses and acutally got 2 out of 3 right - not bad!