Monday, August 25, 2008

Family-- can I get a woot woot?!?

So yes, we're back & we had a wonderful time catching up with long lost relatives, eating vegetarian meals (it's a Seventh Day Adventist camp), horseback riding, beach dwelling, My Father's Place eating, swimming, Pinewood Derby racing, vegetarian diet gas having, marshmallow roasting, hayride well, riding, auction bidding, rock wall climbing (not me, of course), zip lining (again, not me, si claro), boating, etc, etc, etc. I loved it and I was so glad that we made the decision to take the boys out of school for a week and drag them along. They loved spending time with their cousins-- first cousins, second cousins... who cares!! If they like to dig in the sand and jump off docks then they were instant friends. Sorry I have no pics of the beach activites. I was too lazy to go back to my room and get my camera on the only day it was warm enough to swim. If one of you 3 people who read this blog were there & took any pics of my kids playing on the beach could you send them my way? If you want more pics & a more feel-good version of the reunion, click here.


ajesplin said...

Plus that depressing book you read while you were there.

Landeelu said...

K, that book is actually really good. Have you read it? Granted, it's not all fluff & lovey like the Twilight series. But I got emotional at the end.

Plus I felt all smart reading it which always helps.

Sox said...

Just to let you know, I often post more than one thing at a time, so if you come, make sure to read all the new posts, not just the newest post.