Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Teeth: The Other White Meat

I don't even know what that title means so don't ask.

What has two thumbs and lost his first tooth yesterday?



I don't even think it was loose when he went to school because he hadn't said a word about it when he left (and you know he is SO the type to mention stuff). And then he came home from school and it was hanging by a thread. I'm guessing he had been working on it all day in class when he was supposed to be figuring out what 3+3 equals. So I asked him if he had tried pulling it out. He said no.... then tried a couple of times and out it came.

Here's a different angle for all those out there not wanting to miss one detail of the exciting breaking news!


Here is the kid with all of his loot he raked in last night off one measly little tooth:


Doesn't it totally look like the Tooth Fairy just rummaged through her purse and maybe a couple of drawers in the kitchen and just gave whatever she could find? Funny, huh? I'm guessing she's not the type to carry a lot of cash on her so she was scrambling/slightly panic stricken there when she realized a tooth was going to be under the pillow that night. Srsly. I'm just guessing.

In her defense, that had to have been the most poorly brushed tooth she has ever received. It had a nice layer of plaque on the back of it. There was also a note under TBone's pillow (a mental one) to make dentist appointments for the boys here in the near future. I thought that was nice of her.


Memzy said...

How fast am I to just find this post immediately?

1. I love the toothy loosy time.

2. Tell the tooth fairy that just because there is inflation going on in the rest of the world, it doesn't mean she needs to screw it up for the rest of the parents. FREAK.

3. Already have dentist appnts for my boys in two weeks. I'm askeered.

Memzy said...

pss. i fixed my slide show.

Tiffany said...

I'm all over it. ::heading to Memzy's site::

But first lemme just say, that the Tooth Fairy always leaves more for that FIRST special tooth. It seems like the moolah drops off considerably after the first one. Weird, huh?

Carol said...

Way to go tooth fairy. Can't wait to see you at the reunion. I'm bringing a couple of good auction items. The little princess' hair cut is darling and so are her pretty panties. Good job Mom.
Love you

Tiffany said...

So yeah, that money has already been spent on Pokemon cards. He's not really a "saver."

quesetescapa said...

That is way too much money for a tooth, especially a dirty one. But I should talk--the tooth fairy at our house seems to frequently forget and then has to rummage around behind the bed pretending to look for the money that she "finds" on the floor that was actually in her hand when she went in the room in response to the crying child who thought the tooth fairy didn't bring anything...

Tiffany said...

Oh, the tooth fairy around here has forgotten on Jack TWICE. The second time she smartened up tho... she was like "Here let ME check under your pillow ::pulling dollar out of sleeve:: "Oh, here it is, Silly!"

The things that make parents sweat bullets....

ajesplin said...

The TF forgot about my oldest son's tooth for about a month. Finally, one morning I heard him freaking out in his room and I ran in there going, "What??!!!" and he was kneeling on his bed with his pillow saying, "If the Tooth Fairy doesn't come get this tooth by tomorrow, I'm throwing it away!" Oops. I was like, "Er, she probably couldn't find it cuz your room's so trashed."

Memzy said...

ps. my friend Kellie said this on an old mpost of mine.

"okay - Amy said Tiffany is your cousing - I must know if she is any relation to Amber Empe (St George Utah) They could easily be sisters. So Tiffany (even though you don't know me) if you're reading this - let me know. If not just know - you have a twin out there ! "

Tiffany said...

I took care of it.

(Doesn't that sound like we work together or something and I just made some kind of big executive decision? Totally does.)

Jenny said...

Hello there! Thomas lost his first tooth on his first day of school, too!

Nice blog. Mine is: