Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday Happenings, etc.

Funny TBone story below.... must read sidebar/history first.

So I got called into YWs yesterday. I'll be the Laurel advisor. I was in YWs for the first 10 years of our marriage and then we moved here and I was in Primary as a teacher or in the presidency for over a year and then most recently I was a teacher in the RS and on the Activities Committee.

I liked Primary. Nothing like showing up and entertaining a million kids for two hours every Sunday. Well, at least it made the time go by sooperdooper fast. At least. But it definitely gets old fast. Dare I say faster than I was in there. ::ahem::

And, let's be honest here, I am very much not the Relief Society type. I know, shocker, right?

Gty's summation of the situation?

"So, you don't like teaching people who are smarter than you or dumber than you."


This brings me to Young Womens. We see eye to eye. We have about the same amount of scriptures memorized. We like the same music. We think the same things are funny. See where I'm going with this?

I'm back where I belong.

Now for the TBone story.

So I went to YWs for the first time on Sunday and after church was over TBone came strolling into the YWs room as if he had found me there every Sunday for a year. I said "How did you know I was in here?"

T: I was walking by and I recognized the flowers on your dress....

Me: Ah, good thinkin'.

T: ...and that thing on your face ::pointing at an unfortunate zit I have on my cheek at the moment::

I mean, why not just recognize my ACTUAL face, right?


ajesplin said...

Aw, thanks for checking out my humble blog. And I totally see your "memzy" humor. You guys are SO related. ;)

Memzy said...

I'm peeing my pants a LOT. Tbone is my fave. And Young Womens' is not the place I like to be. I think I'm too "teacherish" for them. Plus I was never that spazzy as a beehive. ::looking very innocently::

Tiffany said...

Have you ever been in YWs? I was wondering that yesterday when I realized I'd never be able to pay you back a lesson plan now. Oopsy!

Jenny, "Memzy" humor is such a compliment! thanks!

Memzy said...

I was in YW's when Char was a baby. And i didn't like it AT ALL. Of course, maybe if YOU were serving with me it'd be diff.

quesetescapa said...

I love the part where you say you have the same number of scriptures memorized. That is for some reason unbelievably hilarious.

I love YW yet I never get in there. Another thing to envy about your life...

Tiffany said...

Oh that's right Memz... didn't you have those girlers who would go around and write naughty words on all the church's chalkboards?? Good times, good times.

And Lee, it's funny cuz it's true. And you know it.

Beardall Family said...

Your boys crack me up! I'm still laughing at the ones on your Facebook account. Jumping into the hot tub. Tanner's surfer shot with a little crack showing by the river! Love it! :) SOO glad you are in YW's!!!

Memzy said...

ps. lookie at your scrapbookish charm over here on this blog. i knew it.